Monday, September 21, 2009

Join Us at Frugalista -- And Win a $250 Gift Card

Hi Everyone,

I think you all know by now that I'm blogging over at Frugalista on Chicago Now. But here's a little incentive in case you haven't gotten around to joining the fun over there:

I'm giving away gift cards kindly donated by Dominick's to three lucky commenters. The first prize is a free $250 gift card! Second and third are $50 cards.

They're doing this to promote their new, lower prices campaign.

Oh yeah, baby! See you there!

Love, Carrie


Anonymous said...

Carrie - couldn't figure out how to post this to you on Frugalista - thought you would want to know about it: CVS is offering a rebate on reusing bags in Boston:

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Wanted to post to you at Frugalista but I did not want to have to register to leave you a comment about faxing.

We do not have long distance, and my husband works from home. He sends and receives faxes directly from his computer (incuding long-distance faxing) using There are other comanies out there with different rates, but his one is only $9.95 a month and works really well for us. It's cheaper than having long distance.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how to enter for the gift card, this post is not clear what you do to enter. I did join ChicagoNow and follow you on Chicago Tribune Deals and Steals too. Please post the deals with the coupons referenced, those are the most useful posts. Thanks for all you do.

Chris Sweis said...

Carrie would you be so kind as to write about JunoWallet so we can give all your readers free promotional gift cards that they can use on their iPhone or Droid?

Chris Sweis
Call me to go over this 224-265-0799

Jorge said...


We saw our mention by you on ChicagoNow - Frugalista and we'd like to say "Thank You!". We couldn't find your email address so we are leaving this posting for you on your blog to say Thank You.

We are local to the Chicagoland area and hope you find to be helpful for your outings with friends/family etc...

If you have any feedback that you think would be great to incorporate into the site, just send along to us. We do have an iphone app too if you have that type of phone.

Thanks again!
Jorge and the Dealradar team.
jzapata at dealradar dot com

Anonymous said...

In this article I see the ghost you got at cvs, any chance you would sell that to me...I've been having a hard time finding one here in CT for my son,

please let me know!

Erin James, Bristol, CT,0,4584028.story