Monday, August 3, 2009

Readers, You Rock and Roll All Night

I really appreciate the helpful advice and feedback I received on my last post -- 17 of you were kind enough to take some time to help me make my decision.
Since most of you seem fine with it, I'm going to go ahead and stop posting here at Shoplifting With Permission for now. I have already increased the frequency of my posts on Frugalista to compensate for this. Just today, I put up these posts over there:
I Just Made $7 Buying Shampoo at Jewel-Osco
Free Coffee Today -- For the Lucky
Money-Saving Tip for the Parents of Tall, Skinny Kids
Wrigley for $5
And MORE School Supplies Deals This Week
Yesterday, I posted my Sunday sales flyer rundown over there, and you should really check it out if you're not yet up-to-date on the amazing double-dip opportunity over at Jewel this week.
I want to thank commenter Annicedda for the excellent suggestion that I reroute traffic from here to Frugalista, and to Kaylea for suggesting a contest to encourage Shoplifting With Permission readers to register and comment at the new site. I am checking with ChicagoNow management about their contest policy and hopefully will be offering one over there soon.
To those of you who wondered if the content would be different over there, I will be giving higher priority to Chicago-specific deals, but will still continue to publish deals I learn about that are available nationwide or online as long as they are also available in Chicago. I will keep doing the grocery flyers every Wednesday and the Sunday deals as well.
I don't think being part of ChicagoNow will affect what I feel comfortable sharing -- like if I try to skirt the rules of a store's coupon policy or something. Nothing I do to get a deal is illegal so I'm really not afraid to share every detail.
Nor do I expect the stores to try to stop me from posting about how to best exploit their deals. It could happen, but I just don't think they'll bother beyond the occasional cease and desist letter for posting a link they didn't like or something (CVS sends those to me from time to time for "deep linking" to coupons on their site.) And the nice thing about writing for a big corporation (ChicagoNow is associated with the Chicago Tribune) is that they have lawyers. I don't.
To those who said they would read me on Frugalista but don't want to register and comment, that's fine. I'd love it if you drop me an email from time to time so I know you're still out there, and if you ever feel like registering to join the conversation, I won't give you the silent treatment. Promise!
Oh, and for those kind enough to worry about what might happen if the ChicagoNow thing doesn't work out, yes, I would get to keep both brands and all the content I'd posted. I will keep this URL registered and can always go back to posting here if necessary.
See you on the other side!


Becky said...

Cool, I'll go over there and check it out. I forgot about Frugalista so I'm glad you said something.

And yeah, I don't know how multiple-blog people do it.

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