Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toys R Us Coupons for July 10th and 11th

Babies R Us and Toys R Us is having something called "red hot bonus days" Friday and Saturday. Deals include a free $10 gift card if you buy 3 big boxes of Pampers, big packs of Charmin or Bounty, or big bottles of Dreft (you can buy toilet paper at Babies R Us? Who knew?); a $50 gift card if you buy a PS3 80 gig system, and here's a page of printable coupons too.
One of the products on sale is called Pacifier Wipes. I'm intrigued. Heading back into the valley of the shadow of infant mommyhood as I am, I dread all that picking up and rinsing off of pacis -- or that sinking feeling you get when you're somewhere where you CAN'T rinse it off and your kid is destroying the public peace and you absolutely must pop that now contaminated thing back in its little mouth. I'm assuming these wipes have some kind of mild santizer on them that won't hurt the baby or turn him off to the taste? Babies R Us, please send me some!