Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Blog and Frugalista

When I went to BlogHer this week, I did some thinking about my bloggy life. I write for quite a few blogs, including three for which I am the only writer -- this one, My Funny, Funny Family and Frugalista.
Now that the new baby is here, I am certainly struggling to keep up with all these blogs. The other thing that BlogHer made me think about is that it is difficult to promote more than one blog on the same topic. When I introduced myself, I did not know whether I should mention Shoplifting With Permission or Frugalista.
You might guess where this is going. I'm thinking about leaving this blog and posting all the content I normally post here to Frugalista.
What I'd like to know from is whether you'd follow me there, register and leave comments there so we could keep the conversation going. I love my Shoplifting With Permission readers and I wouldn't want to lose touch with any of you!
I'll take the comments on this post into consideration when making my final decision.
And speaking of Frugalista, today I posted an amazing Groupon deal there: $140 in Dinners by Design delivered for $75. Also, a picture of the 100+ bottles of pop I bought last night for a profit of $36.


Laura said...

I certainly enjoy this blog! Will check out the other. :)

At least your not ditching us altogether!!! LOL. Hope all is well with the little one.

Annicedda said...

I think it makes a lot of sense. I've personally been following both blogs since you started Frugalista and much of the content is duplicate. Plus, from an SEO perspective the Frugalista blog is more powerful since it is part of ChicagoNOW. My recommendation on this one is to 301 redirect the traffic from shoplifting with permission to Frugalista so visitors that aren't subscribed won't be confused + you can get the maximum benefit from all your previous efforts. Thanks for all your hard work & congrats on the new baby :)

Anonymous said...

Although I love this title...I will travel with you! Thanks for the post on the soda yesterday. DH made two runs!

Anonymous said...

I also LOOOOOOVE this blog & title (and all the specifics about the Chgoland stores)...never checked out Frugalista...would though.
(Totally missed out on the pop deal yesterday, ugh!)
Take care of you. Hope you're doing well.

Tim said...

Can't you just redirect this one to Frugalista? I follow you at both though...

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I discovered you through the Trib article some months back, and you have taught me TONS about shopping on a budget. You have been a gateway drug, as it were, to a whole world of frugal bloggers. Many thanks, and I will most definitely follow you to Frugalista.

Helen said...

It does make a LOT of sense for you to consolidate. However, I will NOT register and comment over on Frugalista, but I have taken to e-mailing you things I see or wish to comment on. Then again, sometimes it is too much of a hassle. I for one just don't want to have yet another registration to remember. I may be in the minority. I won't stop reading, but I may stop commenting. I totally understand though! Go with what works best fo ryou and the fam

Marketing Mommy said...

I'll follow, but I can't promise to comment. ChicagoNOW's registration process is kind of cumbersome and annoying--and I went THROUGH it.

kelly (and dan!) said...

already following you on both - see you over at frugalista!

Katie said...

I have been following on both and will follow on the other only if that's what you decide - you do post different things on them sometimes, so it will be nice to have it all on one spot - i just hope you would continue to do the deal and grocery store stuff the same because I do notice you don't or didn't always post that stuff at Frugalista. I get all my info from you because we shop at the same stores and also, you crack me up! thanks for keeping up with it with Toth in tow!

Leah said...

I only read you here - I don't even know what your Frugalista blog is about. I'd love to know if you are switching and if you will continue to post similar content. I like reading about your Jewel/Dominick's adventures.

Mrs. Choudhary said...

Hi Carrie! I also discovered you In the trib's article. You have helped me become the coolest frugalist new
mom ever! I follow both blogs as welland would be happy for you if you consolidated. Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

wont be following you.

kafein said...


I'd follow you - but what happens if the Trib's project goes south? Do you get to take the Frugalista brand?

Is there a possibility, since it's a more corporate entity, that the stores might go after them. (Don't get me wrong, I love your deals - but at some point - Jewel or CVS or whomever might decide they don't want us to game the system.)

Just some free food for thought.

Raki, Virginia said...

i follow you on frugalista, also.

Kaylea said...

I'm not sure what sorts of things you were posting on the other site versus this one, but it does make sense to focus down to just one site if one isn't just a copy of the other. The comments about the chicagonow registration process does raise my eyebrows a little -- I would need a really strong reason to comment to overcome the inertia required to register for something new.

I'm not really the blog-commenting-type, but Blogger is so easy that I got sucked in. Maybe you need a fun giveaway to lure us lazybones into registering and commenting on your new site ;).

Rebecca said...

I follow Frugalista as well on Bloglines, so, it wouldn't be too hard to just do that. BUT. Would you feel your posts will be as open on Frugalista, since it's part of a larger site, and not just your own personal blog? Just curious!

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