Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shopping June 24-30: Booze City

Last week we were barely home: We left town Thursday afternoon and got back Sunday night. When we arrived home we realized that a power surge following the power outage that happened Wednesday night must have damaged our refrigerator/freezer, because milk in the fridge was sour and the ice cream was waaay soft -- softer than it should have been after having all weekend to refreeze after any softening from the outage.
The combination of those events meant that there wasn't much point shopping this week. I'd really been looking forward to stocking up on Edy's fruit bars through the Catalina deal that ends today, but of course I couldn't. I just talked to Maytag's repair company and they're not even going to look at our fridge until Tuesday -- assuming we're home at that point and not at the hospital having the baby. Hrmmm.
Still, I managed to spend my whole $80 grocery budget. I can prevail under difficult circumstances, no? Here's what I got:
$1.99 for milk at CVS, which we're now keeping in the freezer so it doesn't get sour, or at least more sour.
$28 at Whole Foods on a couple bargains -- 2 Santa Cruz lemonades for 75 cents each after coupon, and 16 oz. hummus for $3, plus a bunch of non-bargains on things I've decided to buy organic, like cherries (sooooo good), strawberries and raisins.
$103 at Jewel on beverages.
Whaaaat? I know. I was doing the liquor rebate on the last possible day, though, so we can go ahead and reduce that $100 liquor bill (a couple bucks were for some selzer water) to $75.
Then I will allott $25 of the remainder to our "entertainment" budget, since much of the booze I bought will be for guests at summer barbecues and other events throughout the year. (In fact I bought two bottles of Bailey's that will probably end up as Christmas presents).
For my $75 (this is after manufacturer's and store coupons), I got the two Bailey's, a Smirnoff vodka, a Jose Cuervo tequila, a Captain Morgan's rum and a Tanqueray Gin. Various sizes, minimum 750 mL. Was that worth it? I don't really know because I know that grocery stores overcharge for booze. I didn't have time to go to a liquor store and find out if they would take my coupons. None of the bottles were on sale. I kind of feel like I could have skipped the whole hassle and stocked up at Woodman's in Kenosha, where the prices and taxes are so much lower, and besides I wasn't able to get the things our most frequent guests drink (non-spiced rum and whisky).
So there you have it: A year's worth of liquor and a small basket of berries, and that's my week's grocery shopping.
Oh yeah -- I also did the General Mills cereal catalina deal, and came out even: three bags of Nature Valley nut granola for $4.50 after coupons, and a $4.50 milk coupon back that I'll use on organic milk to make sure and get the full value.


Together We Save said...

Too bad about the spoilage. You got some great deals too.

Queen said...

booze budget. i love it!

i didn't know you could freeze milk. you freeze yogurt too, don't you? how long do they last for?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading and your Savings write-ups, excellent tips, and humorous humor :-) I am getting better about following through on money saving deals for food I need and for stocking up. Keep up the good work but do take some time off to enjoy the wee one coming soon!

Carrie said...

You CAN freeze milk, but at this point, our freezer is not freezing anything. Basically we put the gallon of milk in the freezer so it will be as cold as it should have been in the refrigerator.

As far as yogurt goes, flavored yogurt placed in the freezer actually makes a tasty treat, and better for you than dessert-style frozen yogurt. I haven't actually defrosted yogurt that I'd frozen before; I was going to try that with this latest Catalina haul of yogurt. Now those yogurts are probably totally defrosted, just sitting in the freezer, so I will let you know if the taste and consistency comes out ok.

Laura said...

I'll meet you at your house and we can crack open the Cuervo! (For me of course, you have to wait) :)

Happy 4th!

jennifer said...

used my milk coupon today and it reduced my bill by 4.50 not the 2.28 that the milk actually cost.