Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shopping July 8-July 14 Blank Slate

On Tuesday the Maytag repairman came and fixed the fridge, and on Wednesday I paid the cleaning lady extra to stay a little longer and scrub out the fridge and freezer. (I know, I'm a lady of leisure, but you do NOT want to see a woman on her knees inside the fridge on her due date. I might have gotten stuck!)
While she was doing that, I put the kids in the car and headed to Trader Joe's. As sad as it had been to throw out some perfectly good food, it was also kind of fun to start with a mostly empty, pristine fridge and freezer and nearly two weeks' worth of shopping money to fill it.
All right, $96 later it's far from full, but it IS nice and orderly. Here's what we bought:
At TJs we spent $74 on mostly healthy goodies, including a pound of organic strawberries for $2.69 (these were SO DELICOUS) and a pound of organic Rainier cherries for $2.99 (now that I look at the receipt, I wonder if that price was a mistake? I thought the shelf said they were more!) I even splurged and bought myself a wedge of brie for $3.95.
Then at the tail end of an ice cream date last night, I persuaded the hubs to stop by Jewel with me to see how Catalina shopping is done. We did the Heinz deal, which was ending that night, getting five items (two Bagel Bites, one bag Tater Tots and two jars Classico pasta sauce) for $5 after coupons and Catalina. We also did the Edy's deal that I had thought was already over but actually ended that night as well: two boxes fruit bars and two boxes Haagen-Dazs bars for $8 after coupons and Catalina ($2 a box). After thowing in a couple sundries such as bread, cage-free eggs and garlic, we spent $23 (after deducting value of Cats received) at Jewel.
I also picked up a gallon of skim milk at CVS for $2.59. Dang, 2% is $1.99 but with the kids out of town who needs the extra fat?
Saturday, while we were walking around trying to get my labor going, we hit the farmer's market and got zucchini, mushrooms and berries. That was probably $10 or so, I don't remember. Then today I spent another $20 at Jewel on some meat, berries and other sale items.
So, we spent most of the $131 we had available, and I will still need to shop this coming week to continue filling the void.
What we ate on that:
Wednesday: breakfast: peanut butter toast; lunch: salad with hummus, cherry tomatoes, organic cucumbers and whole wheat mini pitas; snack: organic strawberries; dinner: baked free range chicken, organic potatoes with chicken gravy, organic carrots (pulled out the stops to cook dinner for my parents on my due date); dessert: ice cream parlor date!
Thursday: breakfast: Pop-Tarts, cereal and peanut butter toast; lunch: salad and strawberries; dinner: leftover chicken over salad, bread
Friday: breakfast: cereal with yogurt, lunch: salad, dinner out
Saturday: breakfast out, lunch french toast with berries and cream cheese, dinner tofu with mushrooms, simmer sauce, noodles (I was in labor and we forgot to put in the zucchini!)
Sunday: At the hospital! Epu brought some goodies over from Dominick's including a pizza, but I don't know how much he spent.
Monday: leftover pizza and hospital breakfast, leftover curry for lunch, salad with zucchini and barley for dinner.
Tuesday: breakfast cereal with yogurt, lunch salad and leftover curry, dinner meatloaf and fried zucchini