Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shopping July 15-28

OK, the past week has been crazy with a capital C. We've been adapting to life with 3 kids, and then I went to the BlogHer conference for three days and right after that we spent a full day in Wisconsin. I never got last week's shopping post up, and I can no longer remember exactly how much I spent, except that it was well over $80. I spent $80 at Target alone (that includes a bottle of liquor for visitors, though, which I usually take out of our "entertaining" budget) and I know I went to Jewel for some bogo ice cream bars and that stupid Kellogg's deal for which my coupons were expired. Oh, and Epu took the girls to farmer's market and spent about $30 there.
But then I didn't shop at all this week. Didn't have time! I had bought two free-range chickens at Target so those served as one meal plus most of the other meals while I was gone. My parents brought one meal, I personally ate free at BlopHer for three days, Epu took the girls to McDonald's for one lunch and we took them to a local cafe for another, and my dad gave me some vegetables from his garden on Sunday.
The upshot of all that is that I haven't had to take all 3 kids to the grocery store since Epu went back to work yesterday. Yay me! I will have to go tomorrow if I want to exploit the deals at Jewel, but if the day isn't going smoothly I can always go after Epu gets home from work.
I did spend about $8 on food at CVS -- sour cream, 2 gallons milk, 2 bottles Juicy Juice (89 cents each).
Since I wrote up the highlights of my Target shop last week, I might as well share them. Stuff I got free:
5 cups Kashi cereal, which will make GREAT on-the-way-out-the-door snacks for the kids
Really good deals: Kashi waffles 50 cents after mq (no longer available, and I forgot about the .25/1 Target Q)
Kraft EZ Mac cup for 18 cents after coupon
Kraft 2% 7-ounce chunk cheese 52 cents after coupon (regular price $1.52, I got 5 with 5 about-to-expire $1/1 printables)
Also some decent deals like 5 pounds of whole-wheat flour for $2.79, an Eagle turtle brownies kit clearanced for $2.18, and 2 cage-free chickens on sale for $1.49 a pound.
I'll shop this coming week, I promise! For one thing, we don't have any meat or fruit in the house.