Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shopping July 1-7 -- No Fridge, No Point

For most of this week our refrigerator was still not working -- Maytag is backed up due to a product recall and we weren't able to accept the soonest appointment they could give us because we were going to the Cubs game that afternoon. So instead of bringing food into the house I spent most of the week throwing things away and cooking what we could salvage out of the freezer. Now that our freezer is empty of frozen goods, we're using it as a cool place to keep our milk, the cheese sticks that used to be frozen, and the four cans of whipped cream that miraculously didn't go bad.
I bought just a few things:
$10.35 at Jewel for a pineapple, 10 oz. of raspberries, a jar of pickles and a bag of whole wheat dinner rolls.
$3.65 at Aldi for 8 ears of corn, a pint of blueberries and a bag of brown sugar.

$8.89 at Target for bread, lemonade and fruit bars

So I spend around $23. Oh, I also ordered 6 months of organic coffee online, and I'll be deducting $3 from each week's grocery bill for awhile to pay for that. So out of $77 we had to spend, we have $54 to spend in future weeks. Which is good because we'll need to replace many discarded items from the fridge -- even the jelly and jam went bad -- and we'll probably be eating more convenience foods now that the kids are heading up to their grandparents' house and we're waiting for the new baby to show up. Do I feel much like cooking? I do not. Thanks for asking.
What we ate this past week -- pretty much what we could salvage from fridge or freezer:

Breakfasts were cereal, milk or yogurt, and berries
Wednesday: lunch = frozen Healthy Choice dinners; dinner = stroganoff with carrots over couscous
Thursday: lunch = mac and cheese with hot dogs; dinner = stroganoff with carrots over pasta
Friday: lunch = hot dogs, pizza and nachos at Wrigley Field; dinner = canned soup and cereal
Saturday: lunch = carrot sticks and hot dogs; dinner = turkey burgers with grated carrots and pineapple on whole wheat rolls, oven-fried potatoes
Sunday: lunch = leftovers and peanut butter sandwiches on rolls; dinner = canned soup and Ritz crackers, with Hunt's pudding and Sandies cookies for dessert
Monday: dinner = baked ziti using up last of the ground beef and shredded cheese from freezer, dessert = pudding cups with Sandies shortbread cookies
Tuesday: breakfast = peanut butter toast and fruit cups, lunch = ziti and peanut butter toast, snack = frozen whole fruit bars, dinner = kids ate cereal + Epu and I ate the last of the ziti
Oh, and for those who asked how yorgurt does when frozen and defrosted, mine came out kind of separated and runny once thawed. Not something I would repeat. In the future, if I freeze yogurt, I'll just use it frozen, in smoothies or whatever.