Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Rummage Sale Loot

Early this week I got an email about a rummage sale held by a former home daycare today, and I thought, I'll never get to go to that sale because I'll certainly be in the hospital with my newborn. But here it is Saturday, the baby's still in, and so Epu and I set off for a long walk around town ending up at the sale.

Actually, we ended up getting only a couple things at that sale and much better stuff at a couple others along the way. I am loving rummage sale season this year! Altogether, we spent $28 at the three sales, which is quite a bit, but look what we got:

All these baby boy clothes for a total of $10. The 3 pairs of pants on the side are Hanna Anderson, and it's true what they say -- they look BRAND NEW even though I'm sure they've been worn and washed plenty. It's mostly size 3-6, which is good because I washed and put in drawers the baby's 0-3 stuff and he's got more than enough, mostly stuff that people have given us and a few things that I bought secondhand. The only other 0-3 thing here is the one-piece Janie and Jack outfit on the end, which is actually a winter thing, but with the weather we've been having this summer he may need it. Anyway, if I were paying retail I'd be thrilled to snag 3 pairs of Hanna pants alone for $10; the rest is gravy. (By the way, the Janie and Jack one-piece originally retailed for $34 and sells new with tags on EBay for $22 plus shipping. Now, I KNOW that the item I got was NOT new with tags and therefore woudl not command the same price, but since I paid $1, I feel pretty darn good about it.)

(Looks like I've got that Blogger sideways photo glitch again. Sorry, wish I knew how to fix it!)

Then we spent $18 on all kinds of amusements for the girls (and the game of Taboo for us adults). That's a girl's swim suit in next year's size for Pebbles (I canNOT have enough kid's swimsuits, dunno about you), some game/book things that would be good for riding in the car, a small stack of books, four sippy cups with all their parts, a pair of ice skates that probably won't fit Nutmeg until the year AFTER next (still searching for the pair likely to fit her this coming year), a witch hat with hair that will thrill Nutmeg because she wants to be a witch for Halloween, fairy/butterfly wings, two recorders (for some reason Epu thinks that is a good idea, I think the recorders might "disappear" soon after the kids get home to try them), a box of stamps and stamp pads, and a bunch of Easter stickers and Colorforms.