Tuesday, July 7, 2009

KMart Comes Through! (Now It's Up to Catalina)

Yesterday I was running out of get-stuff-done time, and clear out of patience, so I decided to email Kmart customer service about my Catalina problem instead of trying to call and explain the whole thing to some clueless phone agent.
A few hours later, I got an automatic email saying that my message had contained a 16-digit number and they had deleted it on the off chance I had sent them my credit card number, with which apparently they cannot be trusted. Haha, the long number was the receipt number of the Huggies transaction. I added a hyphen to the number and resent the email last night.
Today at 10:30 a.m., I get a voice mail message from the manager of the Forest Park, Ill. Kmart where I'd shopped. He apologized about the problem and said he could send me a mail-in form so I could get the two $14 coupons I'm owed. And when I checked my email, there it was: A very short form with instructions to include the qualifying receipts with SKUs highlighted, and mail it to Catalina Marketing.
Wow! I am VERY impressed by Kmart's speedy response on this. I'm definitely keeping this manager's contact info in case I have any future problems at that location. I should point out that I mentioned this blog in my original email, so they knew that their response would be public. I do this not in an attempt to blackmail businesses, but in order to give them fair warning that they're being watched by more than just one person. I would hope that any other customer would also get the speedy response I got, but of course I have no idea.
Finally, if any of you also need to request your Catalinas by mail, email me at carrie AT shopliftingwithpermission.com and I'll email you the PDF.
And by the way, today must be my lucky day when it comes to customer service, because the Maytag repairman actually showed up just 90 minutes into a four-hour window and fixed my fridge with a part he had on hand. We didn't even have to miss our whole session at the local drop-in childcare center (ok, we missed more than half of it, but I'm counting my blessings here).