Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kellogg's Offer at Jewel, Combine With Fuel for School

I took the baby over to Jewel today for his second round of bargain shopping (his first was yesterday, when we went down to the CVS on the corner). While I was there, I noticed tags up for a Kellogg's deal that I expect will be in tomorrow's flyers: The large boxes of Pop-Tarts and Nutri-Grain bars are $1.50 if you buy 5. So 10 of them (enough to qualify for the Fuel for School rebate) would be $15. There might be other Kellogg's products too, but those were the ones I saw.
There was a Pop-Tarts coupon in the 6/7 RedPlum (mine was for .55/1, but I think other regions got different amounts). So if you actually have 10 of those coupons, you could get 10 boxes of Pop-Tarts for just $9.50, get the $10 rebate, and make 50 cents on the deal.
I only have four of those coupons, but I still might do it. After all, I'd pay $12.80 out of pocket and get $10 back, so it would be 10 big boxes of Pop-Tarts for $2.80. Yes, I'm a grown woman who loves Pop-Tarts. Now that I'm nursing, I know I'll want to sneak one every once in awhile as a late-night snack.
I also like the Morningstar Farms deal outlined on Money Saving Mom, but I don't think I'm going to Target this week.
Oh, and speaking of Jewel, check the Huggies diapers there right now. For some reason, size 3 and size 5 jumbo packs were marked (and rang up as) $5.50. I wanted some Newborn size (I stocked up on size 1 but totally forgot about size N until I got the sample pack at the hospital; they fit his tiny little butt better than 1 right now), but those were $9.99 as usual. I got two packs of size 3 for Pebbles, using $1.50 off coupons, bringing them down to $4. Score!