Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jewel-Osco -- Dr. Pepper Catalina and Save $3 Instantly Deal

There are two special deals advertised at Jewel this week. Let's cover those first and then I'll do a post on the regular sales
Catalina: Spend $20, get a $10 coupon for your next order.
Products listed are Rice Krispies Treats at $2.50 (regular $3.10), Town House Original or FlipSides crackers $3 ($4.85), Keebler Chips Deluxe or Fudge Shoppe or E.L. Fudge $3 ($4.75), Dr Pepper 2 Liters $1.25 ($1.88), Dr Pepper 12-pack 4/$10, must buy 4 (less than 4, $2.75)
As you know, the best part about Catalina deals at Jewel is that they usually count the purchase requirement with pre-card prices. The question here is, what is the pre-card price on the Dr Pepper. $2.75? More? I'll check when I get to the store.
Coupons for this deal: Keebler Fudge Shoppe printable $1/1, any Keebler cookies printable .55/1 (these won't load right now, I'll add link later). There are apparently peelies and hangtags out there for Dr Pepper and Cheez-Its but I don't have any. Also, apparently there is a Kellogg's Fuel for School booklet with coupons like a discount on milk if you buy 2 Keebler cookies or on bread if you buy 2 Rice Krispies Treats (cause we all like bread with our RK Treats, right?). Where is this Fuel For School booklet? I remember one last year.
Deal idea: 4 Dr Peppers $10 ($11 pre-card?)
2 Keeblers 5 ($9.50 pre-card)
15 ($20.50 pre-card?)
- 2 two Keebler $1/1 printables
Pay $13, get a $10 Catalina
Spend $10, Save $3 Instantly Deal:
I THINK these instant savings deals usually go off card price, not pre-card. Anyone know?
There's a full list of products on Hot Coupon World, but here are the highlights:
$1 each -- Scotties tissue cube, Balance bar, 50-count Glad sandwich bags, Gold Peak tea (16.9 oz.), Playtex disposable gloves and more.
$2 each -- Sargento shredded cheese 5-8 oz., Annie's mac & cheese, Mott's Apple Sauce 6 pack, Glad Cling Wrap, 4-pack Ocean Spray 12-oz. bottles and more
$2.50 -- Tony's frozen pizza, Eggo waffles, Whole Fruit bars, Simply Asia meals, Breyer's Yo Crunch 4-pack or Breyer's Disney 6-pack and more
$5 -- BirdsEye SteamFresh pasta meals for 2 (24 oz.), 12-pack Nestea, Gorton's frozen fish 10-count, Schick and Bic razors
$5.50 -- Angel Soft TP 12 double rolls or 9 mega rolls, Sparkle paper towels 8 rolls
Coupons for this deal: various Scotties coupons in the 4/19, 5/10 and 6/7 RedPlum (all require buying more than one box), Playtex gloves $1/1 6/28 SmartSource makes this free!, $1/1 Whole Fruit bars 6/7 RedPlum or .50/1 6/28 RedPlum, $2/2 Angel Soft AND Sparkle printable.
Deal ideas:
10 packs Playtex gloves with 10 $1/1 Qs = FREE + GET $3 OVERAGE!
4 Whole Fruit Bars w/ 4 $1/1 Qs = $6 - $3 savings = $3 out of pocket
1 Angel Soft + 1 Sparkle w/ 1 $2/1 Q = $9 - $3 savings = $6 OOP
As you can see, this deal makes for some great savings and best of all, there is no limit. I'm assuming this means we can do all the deals we want in one transaction, a big time saver. And also a plus is that we don't have to worry about Cats printing because the savings should just come off.


Helen said...

I don't have the ad yet. $3 saving when you buy how much, and is the price you list before or after the instant savings?

Carrie said...

Hi Helen,

That's what I get for trying to blog and breastfeed at the same time. I fixed it now -- it's spend $10, save $3. The prices I list are before savings, and the deal scenarios show it step by step.

Helen said...

Thanks! And congrats ;) Loved the pics and stories of Toth.

Anywho, the Annie's may be a good deal. 5/$7 after savings. Too bad we're currently stocked up!

Helen said...

oh, and yes, for sure you have to hit the $10 after scanning your card on instant deals

Queen said...

MC is going to be sooo excited about the Tony's pizza. they are his weakness and I think they're digusting, so never buy them ;)