Sunday, July 5, 2009

How I Did on KMart Super Doubles

I got a number of free things at KMart today and a few other things VERY cheaply, but every time I go to KMart I am reminded why I only do the super doubles thing if there are lots of freebies I actually need. For one thing, it takes forever to go through and collect all the coupons I need, even though sites like Money Saving Mom did most of the work by listing the inserts and Web sites where I got them.

But the main reason I don't enjoy Super Doubles that much is that, in the words of Rainman, Kmart sucks. I did three transactions today, and every single one of them had one or more register or cashier errors that cost me money. I tried the Huggies Catalina deal twice, and neither time did I get the $14 coupon I was owed. Now I'm not even sure who I should call, KMart or Huggies. Guess KMart.

Here's what I got free:

1 Dove deodorant (I use this so thumbs up)

1 Reach toothbrush (ever since I put one of my toothbrushes in my hospital bag I've been wanting a spare for the upstairs bathroom so again, thumbs up)

3 purse packs Huggies wipes (obviously, thumbs up)

1 Aveeno hand cream (I'm very picky about hand cream, but I'll try it)

Here's what I got very cheap:

4 Bumblebee tuna pouches for 19 cents each (some people had $1/1 coupons, making these free, but I only had .55/1)

1 box Keebler Sandies for $1

2 fancy Playtex dishwashing gloves for 19 cents each

1 box of 80 Hefty kitchen trash bags for $2.99

1 tube Neutrogena hand cream $2.19 (my preferred kind)

1 tube Aveeno lotion $2.79 (was supposed to be free but rang up at wrong price)

1 large tub Oxy Clean $4.50

1 can Edge shave gel 50 cents

2 bottles Bayer chewable aspirin $1 each (should have been free but coupon didn't double)

I also bought 10 Jumbo packs of Huggies for around $7 a pack. I am supposed to get back $28 in Catalina coupons on these; if I get them, that would bring the cost down to $4.20 a pack, which would be very good. The price is approximate because I used a variety of coupons for these ranging from .75/1 doubled to $1.50 to $2 doubled to $4, and not all my coupons got scanned.

I was also able to use two $5 off KMart coupons, which pretty much took care of the tax.

So I ended up spending about $88 for a few things I wanted/needed, a few things I just got cause they were free, and a bunch of diapers. It's not a BAD bargain trip, but not as good as it could have been by a long shot. In fact, if I don't resolve the Catalina issue, I'm out about $43 due to cashier/register errors. My trip should have cost me $45. If I can resolve the diaper Catalina problem, I can say the trip cost me $60.

The errors:

1. The Catalinas not printing. At the first register I checked out at, I didn't even see any machine from which Catalinas would come. At the second register, I saw a coupon machine (not Catalina brand) and as soon as the last Huggies item was rung, a long tape spat out of it. But when I asked for it, the cashier apologized that it didn't work, and showed me that the coupon was totally blank. No ink. By the way, the deal WAS clearly advertised on the shelves. Cost to me: $28 if not resolved.

2. Missed coupon. One of my $1.50/1 Huggies MQs did not get scanned. Cost to me: $3.

3. Coupon wouldn't double. The Bayer coupon didn't double on either of my transactions. Not actually sure if this was a mistake or if this particular coupon just could not be doubled. Cost to me: $2.

4. Coupons applied to wrong items. At KMart, at least during Super Doubles, the cashier is sometimes asked to select which item to apply a coupon to. My cashier applied to $1.50/1 Huggies diapers coupons to $1.99 wipes, which resulted in them adding only 49 cents instead of completely doubling. Then she applied the .75/1 coupons to the diapers. Cost to me: $2.

5. Overcharge. Although both kinds of Aveeno lotion tubes were marked $3.99 on the shelf AND had $3.99 price stickers on them, one rung up at $6.79. Cost to me: $2.79.

6. Store coupon not scanned. On all 3 transactions, I presented a $5 off store coupon. Two I had printed online, one I got on my register receipt. The online ones worked, but the register receipt one did not show up on my final receipt. Not sure if this is because I didn't meet the requirements of the coupon or if it just didn't work; the cashier didn't say anything was amiss when she scanned it. Cost to me: $5.

Of course, I probably COULD get $5-$10 of this refunded if I went back to KMart. And I know, I'm the girl who goes back to Jewel at the drop of a hat to get a $2 refund, but this is different. First, I have to drive to KMart, whereas Jewel is a short walk from my house. Second, the staff at KMart is unhelpful to say the least and I don't know if they would be able to resolve my issues or not. Third and most important, I'm about to have this baby ANY time and I still have things to knock off my to-do list. I don't have any more time to spend on this Super Doubles caper, beyond calling Kmart customer service about the Catalinas.

I know, I should more carefully watch the register and review the receipt while I'm still in the store. But this doubling thing is complicated and I just was not able to notice the things that were amiss until I was at home, going through the receipts with a pen to mark off what item went with what coupon.


Anonymous said...

the cat didnt print for you because its not for huggies diapers!
Its for pullups, or goodnights!
I had the same problem!!

Carrie said...

Really? I don't know, the sign made it look like it was for all Huggies brands, and a lot of tape spit out of the machine with no ink as soon as the Huggies products were scanned. I will be really disappointed if this is the case; I will report back tomorrow.

Michelle said...

The cat worked fine for me for huggies dipes. Last time we had doubles I had the same problem and ended up returning everything. This time I read that the problem stems from using the service desk cash register. Don't know why that would be a problem, but today when I did it at a normal cash register it worked fine. Perhaps you should call the Catalina company instead of Kmart. Kmart told me last time it didn't work b/c I used coupons, which was total BS. HTH! :-)

Melissa said...

i haven't done k-mart doubles in a long time because of what you said. I try to get the most clueless looking cashier and then I stand as close the the register screen as I can and point out which product the coupon goes to because I had a ton of errors like yours when they first started double coupons. I did go back and explained every error and on one transaction I got back $17!! not bad but it took a long time to get done.

Laura said...

I'm with Melissa. I've only done this a few times cuz Kmart is HORRIBLE, but I also try to find the youngest, most clueless cashier and watch like a hawk. It just ends up taking a ridiculous amount of time AND the Kmarts in my area (NWI) just wont do it anymore because of the hassle. :(

Anonymous said...

I did two tranaction with Huggies goodnights and huggies little movers and got the cats. Often times the register at the service desk does not have a cat machine. In the past when a cat didn't print the service desk gave me a form to send to the catalina company. I had also had to do this with wags once. It took awhile but my cat came. Good Luck!

kelly (and dan!) said...

Oh my gosh, your posting just made me feel SO much better about my experience at the Forest Park KMart this evening! I thought for sure it was just me having problems, and said on the way out "THIS is why I don't shop at KMart"... nice to know I wasn't the only one with issues!

My problem was with the GM 4/$6 cereals. None of them were marked at shelf, and the ad doesn't bother listing which ones were on sale. So, I asked and was told I could get ANY GM cereals in the size range on the ad "because our registers aren't ringing them up right anyways so they'll give it to you for the sale price no matter what." Guess what? None of them rang up the sale price, and when I pointed it out I was told "no, the savings will show up on your receipt"... which it of course didn't. So, I went to customer service and ended up arguing with them for nearly a half an hour about it! In the end, I got $13 (!!!!) back and left with the 4 boxes of cereal for $3.01 after my doubled coupons.

On the way home, I saw that one of my coupons was not doubled, losing me $.50. SO not worth the argument.

On a lighter note - I just stumbled on your blog and am excited to begin to follow! I'm in FP and grew up in OP... let me know if you'd ever like to meet a new friend from the blogosphere for coffee or a drink! I see you are expecting soon, but let me know if you're up for it at any point! Sorry for the long-winded comment, haha.

Anonymous said...

Today I tried to do this transaction and I mean tried because I end up refusing the transaction:

2 bottles gillete body wash 4.59
(kmart has a $2Qtearpad for these)
4 softsoap essembles refills 3.50
(use 4 of the 2.00Q fromcvs magazine)
2 glade spray 1.79ea
(use 1/2Q)
my total was supposed to be about $3.60 with tax.
Cashier told me total was $8.40
I get mad as she explained that
the softsoap q's didn't double
because exceed amount of item that's what she said.

Anonymous said...

definitely go back! I've had so many catilina issues... it's terribly annoying and I stopped trying today even though I have enough coupons for a couple more. Sunday I did 2, should have gotten 2 $14 coupons, but the machine wasn't working. Had to leave my name and number and wait for them to come in the mail. (!) Today I went back, talked to another lady at customer service, who was very nice and gave me a kmart gift card for $28! Today's catalina (just 1) printed right off. I didn't feel like trying again... maybe at the end of the week. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I do this at every store. I figture out my total before coupons and after coupons and even tax. So if the price wrong than I have them start over. This solves all the trouble of ever over paying.

Donna said...

I refuse. I simply refuse to do it anymore. I went to get diapers for a church ministry, and wanted to do 2 transactions with 5 packs huggies overnights and one tub wipes each. I had the 5/50 coupon along with 5 $2 coupons, so by my calculations I should have spent about $26. Instead, the cashier applied one of my $2 coupons to the wipes, losing me $3.25, so I spent $29.XXX

Still, I was okay with it, because I got the $14 cat. Which I intended to use on the second transaction. But the cashier refused to take ANY coupons on the second transaction, she basically said it was because I wouldn't be paying enough for the diapers, and so I had her void the whole thing.

Then, since I would rather pull out my fingernails than go back into K-Mart to use the $14 cat after that nightmare, I walked straight over to the customer service desk, plopped the items from the first transaction on the counter, and asked for a refund. I handed them the $14 cat, said I didn't want anything except the money I'd paid out of pocket. The "customer service" cashier huffed and puffed and muttered under her breath the entire time she was ringing the return up.

I will stick with Target, CVS, and Walgreens. Both Marts are on my s-list.

Never again. K-Mart sucks.

Anonymous said...

CVS and target is the best place beside Giant eagle I do not shop at any other store. CVS has enough deals to last all year. With all stuff you can get for CVS you will have enough stuff for 5 families. I do not buy every item but I do have 50 extra bucks on average. I do shop at Kmart only once or twice a year for double. I ask myself this how mcuh stuff do we all really need?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I honestly don't know how Kmart stays open. Once a year or so I go there for whatever reason and I always end up regretting it. Prices are high, selection is terrible and even though there are like three cars in the parking lot, if I actually find an item I want there is one cash register open and 20 people in line. I end up abandoning almost every purchase I attempt to make.

Carrie said...

Thanks to all for sharing your feelings and frustrations about Kmart. I agree that we need to ask ourselves whether a certain bargain shop is worth the time and possible frustration -- and I think the longer one bargain shops, the better one gets at figuring out what will be worth it. This time around, I am glad I shopped Super Doubles, but I probably will not do it again unless there is another lengthy list of freebies and/or another Catalina deal going.
To those who didn't see my other post, if you are frustrated about not getting Catalinas for the Huggies deal, email me at carrie AT and I can forward you the PDF form the local store manager sent me for requesting the coupons from Catalina Marketing.

somelousyluck said...

I drove about 20 miles or so to get to a super k. Went at 2:00 a.m so my couponing would not interfere with other customers.I had a Dimetap (was also black and white)coupon that the cashier called a manager to view because it didnt have a particular backround,I would have accepted it if it was refused due to looking different but he let me use it as well as a progresso (black and white) and welchs grape jelly. I was seperating the transaction. When he looked at my colored welchs coupon ( I had printed it b4 I got a black and white laser jet printer)he said this is what they are supposed to look like. We cant take black and white ones. I had all my coupons for the next transaction, success rice, dove deod, cinnabon so I said well I want to know if your going to take these and he looked at them and so no they have no color. Yaaa thats what he said. I told him I could see if his store wasnt taking internet Qs but to say u wont take them because I hooked up a black and white laser printer to save ink is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. He says the cashiers drawers are coming up short and they are getting into trouble. So I say o.k., is it because their not color or is it because your cashiers drawers are coming up short? He kinda mumbles both, and he starts to walk away and doesnt really say. Cashier says yeah our drawers are coming up short because " the internet wont pay" lol.I was flabbergasted. Yeah like they call up the manufacturers at end of shifts for payments and they refuse coupons and the nonpayment makes em short?I have an illnes and mind you this trip took me more than 3 and a half hours to slowly get thru the store. I had to leave all the stuff in the buggy of course. Im assuming since Kmart has no Q policy calling corporate is mute. Although this is the same Kmart where a cashier claimed that another cashier got fired for limiting customer to 10 Qs tho. I've been there 4 times since dble Qs started in August.I still cant believe it happened. i actually feel used up. I have saved alot of money there in last several weeks but I have spent money too. I must assume they did dble Qs to draw customers there. I dont know what to do, I've debated between going back at a different shift and getting 2 dove deod,4 success rice, 4 cinnabons and see if another cashier says something or not, and bounce if they dont, lol, calling the day manager, and calling corporate, what would u guys do?

Carrie said...

Somelousyluck: You should DEFINITELY get in touch with your store's manager before going back. Personally I would not drive 20 miles to do Super Doubles but if you do at least make sure that your coupons are going to be accepted this time. The reason the cashiers gave for declining them is of course ridiculous and is the result of lack of training.
This past time, I emailed the manager of my local store before I went to ask if they would accept manufacturer's coupons with the Jewel name and logo on them. He emailed me back that they would, and then I had something in writing to show the cashiers. If you don't have contact info for your local manager, email the corporate help email (I found it on the Web site) and they will likely put you in touch very quickly.

Anonymous said...

If you need to contact Catalina, call their CEO
708-837-5334 mobile
727-579-5007 direct line
727-563-5680 direct fax

or his assistant, charlotte

Some of these may be old Catalina Marketing contact details