Friday, July 10, 2009

Dominick's Coupon Panic

As I pointed out in my weekly summary of the coupon deals, the only real reason to stop into a Safeway or Dominick's this week is to pick up free-after-coupon items: Cocoa Krispies (limit 1) and individual Starbuck's ice creams.
So on my way back from my weekly midwife appointment (had a non-stress test, fetus is doing great), I stopped in with my coupons to look for those items. They had no Starbuck's ice cream cups, so I just grabbed one box of Cocoa Krispies and some tomatoes.
My newspaper coupon beeped at the register, and the screen said "exceeds item price" or something like that. Well, the cereal was 99 cents and the coupon is for $1. I expected the cashier to be able to reduce the coupon and send me on my way.
But instead, she said their new policy was to not accept any coupons that would result in free products. She said they'd been given a long coupon policy to sign recently including that rule. Then she confirmed it with the manager.
Whaaaat? No free products? Isn't that like, the POINT of couponing? And I don't see why a retailer would make a rule like that since they're still getting their reimbursement from the manufacturer.
I sent a note to Safeway customer service asking if this is the real policy. The only Dominick's coupon policy posted online just applies to Internet Printables.
Has anyone else had this experience recently with a Safeway or Dominick's?


Laura said...

This is EXACTLY the problem I have at Meijer, Walgreens and my local grocery store (Pay Low). If the coupon value exceeds the item price, they will NOT accept it nor will they adjust the coupon price! Defeats the purpose, eh? Frustrating!

Also, they will not accept more than 2 of the same coupon. :(

Corissa said...

Wow, that is serious! I just moved to this area and was really bummed about Dominick's IP policy. If this is going to be their insert policy, I can't see much reason to bother shopping there . . . Looking forward to hearing what you find out.

Nan said...

I've had a LOT of problems with Dominicks lately. When they refused to take their own free strawberries coupon, printed from the Doms website, I decided to take my business to Jewel. Have not been back since.

Queen said...

WHAT?!?!? i really, really hope it's a major SNAFU at the store level and that's not an actual policy. That ruins the whole thing.

Queen said...

......wait, aren't you due soon, roughly now? a few days ago?

Carrie said...

Yes, Queen, my due date was Wednesday, but I haven't had the baby yet. I was actually walking home from my first non-stress test at the midwife when I stopped at Dominick's.