Sunday, July 5, 2009

CVS Plan 7/5-711 -- FIXED Earn $3.50

NOTE -- A commenter just pointed out that my original plan said a $10 Febreze purchase would pay 10ECBs. It's actually only 5ECBs, but it's still break-even after coupons.
On the upside, I was successfully able to use an $1.50/1 and a .50/1 Dawn coupon from the 6/7 P&G insert (they say they are for different, high-end kinds of DAwn but work fine without beeping). So my total profit is down to $3.50 before tax.
Here's my original post with amended plan:
I didn't bother planning for CVS shopping this week because I thought I might have had the baby already. But here I am, and here is finally a week with some decent deals. I'm thinking I will get it done today to get it out of the way; besides, I have a $3/$15 Q that expires today.
I'd really love to do the Post Trail Mix Crunch deal, since my weird kids love that cereal, but I have already printed and used my limit of $2/1 coupons from the Web site. In fact, when I click on it, it says the campaign has no prints left. Was anyone else successfully able to print this time around?
Anyway, here's a plan I can do:
I. 3 packs CVS tape $4.50 (Since my 5-year-old loves using tape for art projects, we'd go through a lot if I let her. Glad I'll be able to say "yes" next time she asks to use it.) (get 4.50ECB)
3 Caliber pencils/sharpeners $3 (get 3ECB)
1 CVS pantiliners 89 cents (get .99ECB - THAT'S RIGHT, THIS PAYS .99 FOR A .10 PROFIT)
1 Febreze Noticeables starter kit $6.50 (get 5ECB when u buy 2)
2 small bottles Dawn $2 (get 1ECB)
- 3.00 $3/$15 CVS Q (email)
4.00 $4/1 Febreze MQ
2.00 1x1.50 Dawn MQ + 1x.50 Dawn MQ
8.00 + tax. Pay a 8ECB, get a 4.50, 3, .99, and 1 = 9.50ECBs, $1 profit
I had to add a .50 oatmeal cream pie as a filler and my total was just over break even after tax
II. 1 Febreze starter kit 6.50
- 4.00 MQ (I have to wait for my mom to bring hers over on Wed.)
2.50, get 5ECB

Besides being a moneymaker, I also like that I am able to do my whole week's shopping all at once this time, since in recent weeks I missed out on deals by not having the time for multiple trips (coulda got more SoyJoy!). Also, it splits the large-ish ECB I got from the SoyJoy deal into multiple smaller ones, which is always handy.
I could also get two Bayer glucose meters per card -- I have plenty of manufacturer's coupons for those. But since that deal is good all through July, I think I will wait for another x/xx coupon. The limit for the month is 2, and since they cost $30 each before the coupon, buying just 2 will let you use one of those $10/$50s you sometimes get at the machine.


Anonymous said...

the febreeze deal is spend $10 gb $5... how do you get back $10 when you are only buying 2 of the starters?

Carrie said...

Anon -- You are SO right. What can I say, I have pregnancy brain. Will fix.

Anonymous said...

How did u get the Bayer Glucose meters coupons that u said u had several of? I could really use two. Thank you.

Carrie said...

3/1 RedPlum, 3/22 SmartSource or RedPlum, or 2/1 RedPlum. That's what Hot Coupon World lists. I clipped mine ages ago so I'm not sure exactly where they came from.

Katie said...

When you do multiple transactions at CVS , do you just stay in line and keep doing them seperately or do you go to the store 3 different trips or what? I'd like to try my first rolling deal this week with the Head and Shoulders, I have some good coupons for them. Thanks for any advice!

Megan said...

I have a CVS question for you - if you have the option of using a $4 off $20 CVS Q, a $5 off 30$ Q, or a $10 off $50 CVS Q, which would you try to use? I have all three, and will go shopping on Sunday.

Carrie said...

Katie -- How I handle multiple transactions depends on whether the store is busy and who the cashiers are. I like to go into my local store at a time when it's likely to be quite dead -- like after 9 p.m. or midday or first thing in the morning. Then if there's a friendly cashier and no line I might ask to do multiple transactions. But more commonly what I do, if there's not much of a line, is do one transaction, then go get the stuff for the next transaction, and wait again if necessary each time.
Also, I do stop into my local CVS several times a week if there are multiple purchases I want to make. My store happens to be VERY close to my house and since I usually have my kids with me, it's actually easier for me to make one quick transaction per trip than to stay in the store a long time while the kids get impatient.

Megan -- The $4/$20 and the $10/$50 are both 20% off, so they are both better than the $5/$30. Which one to use just depends on how much stuff you wanted to get and when the expiration dates are. Since the blood glucose meters are paying extra bucks this month, if you have the coupon for them it would pay to use the $10/$50 on those.
Oh, and if you have a $4/$20 from email and a $10/$50 from the machine, your store will probably let you use both. The machine coupons seem to be considered a different kind of coupon than the email ones. So you may be able to spend $50 and get a total of $14 taken off with both Qs.
Lucky you!