Sunday, July 19, 2009

CVS Plan: 7/19-7/25 Makin' Money!

I'm psyched about CVS this week, and I'm headed over today to try and snap up the free school supplies before someone else cleans them out like last week. I got a $10/$50 for my mother's card and my husband's card out of the coupon machine and a $5/$30 for mine, and what with the diabetes meters as a monthly deal and all the freebies, now is the time to use them.

Here's a plan for using the $10/$50:
Glucose meter $19.99 (get 5ECBs)
2 packs pens 2 (get 2ECBs)
2 packs paper 4 (get 4ECBs)
2 memo books 2 (get 2ECBs)
2 packs pencils 4 (get 4ECBs)
2 binders 6 (get 6ECBs)
1 pack batteries 3 (get 1ECB)
Band-Aids 10 (get 5ECBs)
- 10/$50
19.99 glucose meter mq from 3/22 SmartSource or 3/1 RedPlum
1/1 Duracell q from 7/12 RedPlum
4 4x$1/1 Band-Aid Qs (MoneySaving Mom lists a ton a sources)
$16 (I'll pay with 4ECBs + the balance in cash or gift card)
get 29ECBs; $13 moneymaker!

And here is a simple plan for using the $5/$30:
Glucose meter $19.99
2 binders 6.00
2 pack paper 4.00
- 5.00 $5/$30
20.00 Glucose Q
5.00 (pay w/ ECBs), get 15ECBs; $10 moneymaker!
There are even more good deals this week that I haven't mentioned; to see them all, check out I Heart CVS.


Suzanne Lee said...

starting 8/2 if you ask at the pharmacy about "ready fill" and what it is, you should be able to get a coupon book. the coupon book has 2 coupons that are $4 off of $20. plus some more $3 or 2$ off of ten on specific items like "oral care"
i don't think this has been advertised yet, just a heads up.