Tuesday, July 21, 2009

California Pizza Kitchen $1 Catalina at Jewel

Today I used two $2/1 printables for California Pizza Kitchen rising crust frozen pizzas. I was thinking it was an OK deal -- they were $6 so I got them for $4 each and of course I'll need some easy dinners now that I am struggling to keep up with 3 kids on very little sleep.
But it became an even better deal when I got a $1 off your next order compliments of California Pizza Kitchen Catalina at the register. I guess you have to buy 2 to get it?
I also got a couple CRTs for $2/3 Breyer's, Klondike, Popsicle or Good Humor for buying two Good Humor products, on sale bogo this week. Not as good as the $2/2 CRT I used to buy them, but still OK and with an October expiration date.
Surprisingly, my 5-year-old is totally on board with the idea that now that we have "ice cream man" bars in our freezer, we do not ALWAYS have to go running when the ice cream man comes by. I know it's a fun part of summer but at $1.15 per box after coupons, versus $1.50 for one bar, I'm glad she sees the fun in just plain eating ice cream sometimes.
And by the way, I missed out on using all my $1/1 Kellogg's Qs to make the Fuel for School deal into a moneymaker :-(. I was taking all the cereal and Pop-Tarts off the shelf when I realized that my coupons expired 2 days ago. I KNEW there was a reason I was trying to get it together to go to Jewel this weekend, but with the chaos our house has been in since the girls came back from their grandparents Thursday, we didn't get there till today. I bought the stupid cereal anyway, but once I get the rebate it will cost me 30 cents a box instead of being a moneymaker. Hmph.
At least I can keep those coupons because at Dominick's the cashier pointed out last time that they DO take manufacturer's coupons.


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