Monday, July 20, 2009

Another CVS Moneymaker and More Freebies

This evening as I was sitting through a showing of the direct-to-video sensation "Space Buddies" with the family, I sorted through my coupon organizer and noticed that I had a $12 ExtraBucks slip that expires tomorrow! Yikes. And I thought my couponizing was the only part of my life that hadn't descended into chaos since the baby arrived and the girls started acting like monkeys on acid (yep, they are each expressing their insecurity about the new baby by acting out, which is just what a mom needs when she sleeps a maximum of 6 hours a night).
Anyway, I put the baby in the sling and ran over to CVS while Epu put the girls to bed, and while roaming the aisles looking for good deals to spend my $12ECBs on, I noticed several cool things:
1) There are now 99-cent packs of Gold Emblem nuts in my store, including some that are covered with CHOCOLATE. I have gotten lots of $2/2 Gold Emblem nuts coupons from the machine, so this should make 2 packs free. Strangely, when I used the coupon it only took $1.88 off -- $1.98 would make sense but $1.88? Oh well, that makes them a nickel each which is still darned good for a handy snack to put in my purse.
2) Today I received a coupon from the machine for $1.50/1 Mennen Speedstick 24/7 or Pro. The Pro ($2.99) is already paying 2ECBs. This coupon alone makes it a 50-cent moneymaker, or if you can get a $1.50/1 coupon from (only showing for some zip codes and I don't know which ones) it would be a $2 moneymaker. I'm not sure if you could combined this coupon with the $1/1 found in the current xx magazine since they are both store coupons. Oh, I also have a $1/1 for Ladies' Speedstick from the CRT machine which I bet might also work on the Speedstick Pro.
3) Clearance items: I found CVS-brand mint chapstick on the rack for 25 cents each. It was marked 50 cents.
4) I also got $1/1 Skintimate or Edge shave prep, and I believe I saw Edge on the shelf on sale for 89 cents. Free.
By the way, I did pretty well with my 12ECBs (more like spending $10 after the ECBs I got back)
72-count Huggies wipes 75 cents after manufacturer's coupon and $2/1 CVS machine Q
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand lotion $1.29 after MQ and $2/1 CVS skincare Q (machine)
clearance bin Organic Wear concealer stick for $1
2 CVS chapsticks 25 cents each
Duracell batteries $2.35 after coupon (paid 1ECB)
CVS panty liners 89 cents (paid .89ECB)
hair bands 50% off $1.75
kids' binoculars from clearance bin 25 cents
Chunky bar 89 cents (filler)
1 box business envelops (full price, eek!)
Both those $2/1 CVS Qs were about to expire so I'm glad the expiring ECBs crisis gave me a push to use them.


Queen said...

i successfully used the $1/1 ladys speedstick on the pro; use zip code 33907 for the $1.50/1 MQ. HTH!

Sheila said...

I also used the $1/1 lady's speedstick on the travel sized, originally .99