Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two New Catalina Deals Coming at Jewel :-)

Starting tomorrow, according to the good folks on the Hot Coupon World Jewel forum, there should be a new ConAgra/Dannon deal starting that is "spend $25, get $10 on your next order."
They have a list posted on the forum. Looks like all your usual suspects like Marie Callender, Healthy Choice, Banquet and Kid Cuisine meals, canned tomatoes, Chef Boyardee, plus Dannon yogurts. I have some Dannon coupons so, you now, yay.
Then I got a print-out at the register advertising a deal running 6/19-7/12 on General Mills fruit snacks of all kinds. Buy 5, get a $3.50 coupon, on up. If you didn't get a chance to grab some in the deal that ends tomorrow, go for it, I guess. Personally, I have had so many of these things around from past promos that even though my kids love them, I'm sick of the sight of them.


eve said...

I got a register flyer about a Kraft cheese deal coming up, too. I don't think it was as magical as last time--maybe buy 5 things, get $4.

We still haven't eaten all the pudding from the last ConAgra deal.