Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trade In Old Cell Phones for Swag Bucks

We have several old cell phones sitting around the house. Doesn't everyone? The kids use them for toys, but really they have a plastic toy one too and wouldn't miss the real ones.
My kid's preschool has a drop-off box for recycling them, which I may yet get around to using, but here's another option: Trade them in for Swag Bucks.
If you haven't read my posts about SwagBucks, a legit program that pays you in redeemable points for the privilege of recording data about what you search for online, check them out. Since November, I have earned 649 Swag Bucks -- about 200 on my own and 436 through readers who have signed up through my link. I'm hoping that by Christmas I'll have enough to cash them in for a nice holiday gift for someone!
If you want to sign up through me, click this banner:

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