Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shopping May 27 - June 2: Shopping for Two (Weeks)

I spent more than my budget this week, but I did most of the shopping today and yesterday, so I don't mind borrowing from the coming week's budget too much. It was hard to even track our spending this week because we made a lot of little stops, including a couple shopping stops by Epu and he does not always give me his receipts.
The best I can tell, we spent around $120, maybe a little more. That included:

  • a $60 trip to Trader Joe's (no extreme bargains there but got our organic fix for the peanut butter, potatoes and berries and my newest goal for organic buying, coffee)
  • $7 at local store Pan's Foods
  • $10 at Jewel, which was mostly clearance items including two jars of Grey Poupon mustard at $1.50 that had $1/1 coupons on the lids = 50 cents a jar
  • Three trips to Dominick's, totalling around $40 or so. The best deal was today, when I got $10 worth of round steak for $10. (I posted a picture over on my new Chicago Tribune blog, Frugalista.)

Even though I don't feel bad about spending $120 this week, Money Saving Mom sure does put me to shame with her $30 shopping trip, doesn't she?

This coming week, I only have $36 to spend. So I suppose there will be all kinds of deals I want to grab in tomorrow's flyers. Oh well, I can always wait until the last day of the sales, which is the first day of NEXT week's shopping budget for me. And we will have NO problem getting through a week while only buying $36 worth of groceries, since we have fresh produce and plenty of frozen meat laid in.


Anonymous said...

I have been to religious services at two different denominations (SE wisconsin) and they were both selling organic free trade coffee. The price at our current church is comparable with TJ. When we are done with our TJ's coffee (we always buy 8 cans at a time since we live so far away from one), we are going to buy from the church. You may want to investigate this if you belong to a church so you can help the church raise funds and get the coffee you want at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I think your shopping trips may be a bit more realistic than MSM, don't ya think? After looking at her picture of what they got, have to wonder.... what are they actually going to eat? Mayo on crackers? Kraft dressing drizzled on cheese? Not much "realistic" food pictured there. :)

Helen said...

Crystal always puts us to shame! But I always remind myself that most of these amazing deals come from areas with lower costs of living in the first place, double coupons, etc. Their stores use CellFire and other easy ways of finding deals.

As for Anonymous, MSM has a nice stockpile if you follow her blog. 2 months of homemade meals and muffins and such are in her freezer, and just because what she bought this week aren't 'full meals' they coincide with everything else in her house. She shops more on a stockpile basis rather than a weekly menu basis. Just a thought!

Carrie said...

Susan -- That's a great idea. We actually bought some organic fair trade coffee from my daughter's preschool fundraiser that was not a huge bargain but not a terrible deal either.

Helen, You're right, it seems like between double coupons and mark-downs at her local Kroger Crystal gets SO MANY things for free or practically.

Helen's also right about Crystal's stockpile -- I too have had weeks where I didn't buy a single thing that was fresh because I had plenty of meat and veggies in the freezer. But Anon, you're also right that I have certain priorities that Crystal doesn't share. This time of year, a lot of our budget is going toward fresh organic berries. So worth it!

Anonymous said...

Helen- Yes, I agree MSM is in a low-income area and the cost of living must be quite low and they apparently double/triple coupons and virtually GIVE AWAY merchandise in the end. (Yes, I'm jealous since no one in my area doubles or even triples coupons from the internet and I even have several Meijer and Walmart stores in the vicinity.) I actually do follow her blog and know about this great stash of meals she has, her stockpile, etc. My "observation" is merely that not everything on her blog adds up, especially if you follow it. I believe a lot of "deals" posted by her are merely pulled from other sites, which is fine other than the fact that they certainly don't apply to everyone, tho she tends to be insistent that they should. No, I haven't tried her deals because most of the time the prices are way off. Again, I do not live in a low-income area so apparently most stores feel they should jack up prices. LOL. Believe me, I also stockpile on anything and everything I can! To each his own.........this was merely my observation or just a thought.

Carrie--I agree in that not everyone shops the same (obviously). There are things I enjoy and splurge on as well, which I can justify with my great coups/sales. LOL. I really enjoy your blog! You're a "real person" and honest! ((Wish we can get those liquor rebates!!! Argghh!))

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above comment from Anonymous. I've followed Crystal's blog (MSM) for quite some time now. Of course living in a low income area the prices will be lower as the income is usually lower. She may be able to get things a lot cheaper than some of us. Walmart's around my area are so nasty about internet coupons that it's not worth it to patronize their store. I'm able to stay under a very low amount for groceries each week due to couponing and watching for the really great sales. As several of have said on here though, it's all a matter of preverance when serving the family meals. My family likes variety as well as interesting meals.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "preference".

~Sara said...

Great deal on the steak!

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