Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shopping June 3 - 9

This week I was only supposed to spend $36 because I shopped a little extra last week. How did I do?
Well, I was saved by a little thing called our "hospitality budget." We give ourselves $50 a month to spend on guests -- food for barbecues, liquor and beer for visitors, etc. We don't end up spending it every single month, but it's nice to not have to stress about fitting hospitality into our regular grocery budget.
So we hosted a barbecue Saturday, and hit the farmer's market beforehand. We spent around $22 on produce: spinach, lettuce, asparagus, mushrooms and strawberries. We also spent $14 on two pounds of antibiotic-free hamburgers. So that's $36, and we served most of the produce and all of the beef at our bbq. I'll take $5 of that out of the grocery budget for what we ate ourselves during the rest of the week.
The nice thing about shopping the farmer's market is that although most of the stuff we bought was not organic, we were able to ascertain from the farmers that the produce had not been sprayed. The lettuce was not sprayed "yet," the told us, the strawberry farm doesn't spray, the spinach was organic, and asparagus and mushrooms are not generally pesticide concerns.
Then I spent $14 at Jewel, mainly on this smokin' cheese deal: Kraft shredded and cheese blocks are $1.69 for the rest of the week, and I used five $1/1 printables (which have reset for me) to get them for 69 cents each. The 2% cheese is hormone free according to the label. I also got two dozen Phil's Cage-free Eggs for $2.50 each, a sale that I hadn't seen in the flyer.
By the way, I don't know if this is a one-store only thing, but my Jewel has a new rule for the self-checkouts: You have to hand your coupons to the attendant at the end and they will scan them. Luckily, the cashier helping me yesterday is very nice and didn't give me any trouble about having printables, or maybe my store changed their mind about them and are now allowing them. But still, this is a negative development in general; I can no longer hit the self-checkout to avoid squabbles over coupons (I have had managers there claim that I can't use two coupons on bogo items, for heaven's sake!).
Finally, I bought a couple gallons of milk at CVS for $1 each after ECBs. That was a sweet deal.
All this leaves me $15 yet to spend this week, and I'm planning on stopping by Dominick's for berries and bagels late this afternoon. Looks like I will still come in ahead!


Helen said...

Thanks for the reminder on the cheese! I was going in today for some Over the Moon milk (YUM! I have no idea about hormones and what not, but the chocolate is DELISH, just FYI) Our freezer still has a ton of cheese, but hey I love the 2%...except it's not as better for than the regular fat as it would seem