Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shopping June 17-23 -- Stock Up and Splurge

This week I had $30 to spend left over from last week and $15 leftover from the week before. Added to my regular $80 budget, that meant I had $125 to spend. Good thing, because we were out of a lot of stuff. Here's what I spent:
$33 at the farmer's market, on everything-free hippie pork chops (a splurge at $14, they were delicious), portobello mushrooms, organic lettuce, chard and snap peas, and not-sprayed strawberries.
$17.85 at Fair Share Foods where everything is a deal; I got DanActive 4-packs for $1 each after coupon and a ton of bananas at 38 cents a pound among other things
$30 at Trader Joe's for expensive stuff like organic cherries ($4.29/lb., soooo good) and organic coffee $6.99 for ? oz. (a small can, I don't have it in front of me)
$12 at Jewel on non-Catalina stuff, which was a 12-pack of beer for the hubs, and
$19.25 on the ConAgra Catalina deal at Jewel.
$10 on the Unilever Catalina deal at Jewel (my failed salad dressing transaction)
So altogether, I spent around $122 this week! As you can see, a lot of my purchases were not very frugal. But I still stayed within what I had available to spend.
And the ConAgra deal, which I was so excited about, ended up costing me an extra $10 today because of a Cat that did not print for unknown reasons. I did not return the stuff -- partly to avoid the hassle and partly because I had paid with 3 manufacturer's coupons and a Cat.
As always, it's a comfort to look at ALL the Catalina transactions I did this week to see how much stuff I got for that $19.25 investment. I got:
7 pints of Dannon plain yogurt (3 went into the freezer)
11 four-packs Hunt's jello and pudding
6 Healthy Choice frozen meals for the hubs' lunches
It works out to well under $1 an item when you look at it that way.
I plan to make a couple more transactions before the ConAgra Catalina ends tomorrow night, but those will come out of next week's budget and _hopefully_ won't involve much out-of-pocket spending anyway.
What we ate on that:
Wednesday: meatloaf
Thursday dinner = fresh ravioli with sauce and cheese
Friday: dinner = vegetable stew from freezer with fresh Italian sausage over rice
Saturday: lunch = leftovers; dinner = McDonald's and fried rice
Sunday: out for breakfast, takeout for dinner (out of house all day)
Monday: breakfast = cereal; lunch = leftover fried rice, banana with yogurt and cheerios, root beer floats; dinner = grilled portobello salad and homemade bread
Tuesday: breakfast = strawberry/banana smoothies and cheerios; snack = chocolate chip cookies from Grandma; lunch = salad, pb&j on homemade bread; snack = cherries and Soy Joy bars; dinner = porch chops, chard with sour cream and mozzerella, baked potatoes


Queen said...

i didn't know you could freeze yogurt! how long does it last? like ice cream?

Laura said...

Today, I bought 2 Marie Callendar Al Dente dinners ($2.50 ea) and 3 Marie Callendar dinners ($2.50 ea) plus one pack of gum ($1 filler). My subtotal was $13.50. Used 3 - $1 MC coups and $10 cat from ice cream score last week. I paid a total of 57 CENTS for all that after coups PLUS I GOT ANOTHER $10 CAT!!!! So, Jewel did change it to spend $20, get $10 cat. WOOT WOOT