Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping June 10-16: Catalina Dreamin'

This week I spent $20 on groceries at Target, mostly stocking up on hormone-free ground beef on sale, a few vegetables and a watermelon.
I spent about $25 at Fair Share Foods on sausage for pizza, flour, tuna fish and a few more veggies.
At Jewel, I spent $2.50 on hot dog buns and 50 cents on hot dogs. The hot dogs were supposed to be free with -- I had that coupon for free all-beef Oscar Meyer weinies that I sent away for, and they were bogo -- but the coupon value was "up to $3.50" and the hot dogs were $4, so I ended up owing the difference.
I got a gallon of milk or two at CVS with ExtraBucks.
Then, I spent about $0 at Jewel on all this:

That's four cartons of ice cream, 8 boxes of cereal and 7 containers of pasta sauce. I earned $1 on the ice cream and $2.25 on the pasta sauce, and then spent about $3 on the cereal, so it all works out to about $0, give or take a little tax.

Love those Catalina deals! Since this one ends tomorrow, I will try to get in and do a few more transactions then.

And I came in at around $50 for this week. Hard to spend money when most everything is free! We really need to stock up now on fresh foods, though.

Here was our dinner menu for the week. For breakfasts, we mostly had cereal and fruit, for lunches there were sandwiches, leftovers and whatnot.

Wednesday: beef stew with carrots, potatoes, celery, mushrooms

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Thai delivery

Saturday: Manwich with cheese for Epu and kids (I went out to dinner) and rhubarb pie

Sunday: hot dogs, leftover potato salad, asparagus

Monday: homemade sausage and red pepper pizza

Tuesday: pasta and eggs with red pepper and cheese, rhubarb pie with ice cream for dessert


eve said...

I love these deals! All of mine have gone down without a hitch. I like to self-check so I can run my stuff through without the preferred card to make sure I hit the total. Sadly, one can no longer do one's own coupons--the guy had to come over and check the dates, apparently. They've gotten crazy anal over there.

Helen said...

Yeah, my mom and I almost don't want to give Jewel our money any more. I'm looking into Meijer more now (although I haven't really liked them in the past) and of course the local shops (Joe Caputo is my fave for produce!). But these Cats are worth it. I think I'll use my $10 Unilever cat for the Conagra deal, once. Then just buy regular groceries with the new $10