Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pregnant? Check Out These Sweet Clearance Items at Japanese Weekend

Japanese Weekend is a fancy maternity shop in San Francisco, and back when I was a first-time mom-to-be living in that city I loved to drop in there and try on clothes. I was just browsing their Web site looking for ideas about what to wear to a wedding coming up in a few weeks, since the practically-free consignment dress I was gonna wear is too friggin' tight.
Well, when these winter clothes are practical I will no longer be pregnant, thank heavens. But if you are having a winter baby, you have GOT to check out these clearance steals.
The corduroy coat for $20? I'm DROOLING. And while I'm generally nervous about ordering clothes online, JW stuff is pretty reliably cute and even, dare I say it? Sexy.


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