Friday, June 12, 2009

My Litttle Bargain Hunter

This morning we headed to a multi-family rummage sale that was a fundraiser for a mom's group. I tucked four $1 bills into the pocket of Nutmeg's backpack and told her she could spend it on anything she wanted.

She loves Halloween and thinks about it all year round, so she flipped when she saw some great big Halloween yard decorations for sale. She started to tell ME how much she wanted one, but I just told her to check the prices and find out if she could afford one.

She was super excited to see that the one she liked best was marked $2, and she dragged it over to the payment table and proudly handed over her money. I also found a gigantic Disney Princesses sticker book which you can also write in with dry-erase markers, which she decided to spend her other $2 on. That's keeping her busy right now.

I want to share pics of today's and last weekend's rummage finds, but I CANNOT find our camera. Something that really needs to happen before the baby gets here, I know.