Thursday, June 11, 2009

Made 50 Cents Buying ICE CREAM

OK, I was way out of line when I cranked about the available foods in the latest Catalina deal at Jewel. Because last night I went through a few coupon inserts, found two $1/1 Breyer's ice cream Qs and one $1/2 (that was probably from my mom's insert, different town, different coupons), and ... today I used them to buy four cartons of ice cream for a total of $9.50. And got the $10 Catalina back.
Wow, was the lady in line behind me impressed!
Also, people will kind of snicker when they see an 8-months pregnant lady buying four cartons of ice cream and nothing else. Good think I forgot to pick up the hubby's beer.
My next planned Catalina transaction will also be a moneymaker:
3 Bertolli premium sauce packets, $6 (shelf price $3.99 each=$12)
3 Bertolli sauce jars, $6 (shelf price $3.99 each=$12)
1 filler item $1 (shelf price $1 or so)
$13 (shelf price $25+)
- 3 (3x$1/1 Bertolli premium)
2.25 (3x.75/1 any Bertolli sauce)
$7.75, get $10 Cat back!
I think these coupons came from the 4/5 Unilever insert, although there was also a RedPlum since then that had a lot of Unilver Qs. There are 2 Qs per insert, so with 3 inserts I had six total Qs. I'll have to add in another filler worth $2.25 in order to roll that Cat I got today. Loaf of bread.


Marie said...

Wish we liked Bertolli. We tried is a while back on another catalina deal (Dominicks?) but no one liked it so we stick to Prego. No sense buying what no one will eat. I think I'm going to do the All detergent and the Breyers ice cream. Two things we all can agree on.

Carrie said...

Gosh, it never occurred to me that we might not like it. I THINK we've had it before but we'll see. For free right now I'll be happy to put some very easy meals in the cupboard. As it is my 2-yr-old is having a huge tantrum, I'm exhausted, and the 5-yr-old came home from a playdate in a snit, so, NO, I'm not cooking tonight. Leftovers it is.

Bargain Living said...

Does the total have to equal $25 shelf price, before preferred savings?

Becky said...

I like Bertolli.

And your coupon fu is strong!

Carrie said...

BargainLiving -- Yep, the secret to these Catalina deals is that it's only the pre-card price that has to total $25. Watch out, though -- sometimes the price on the shelf tag is a little lower than the price that rings up at the register and it can mess up the deal.