Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jewel Unilever Catalina -- The Reckoning

The thing that amazed me about this Catalina deal was how smoothly it was going. Not one time did my Cat fail to print or print for the lesser value. And the moneymakers and things that cost a few bucks were balancing out to exactly zero.
I should have quit while I was ahead, of course. Today I did three more transactions -- two perfect, and one that cost me $10, bringing my total expense for ALL the groceries in the deal to $11.
The transaction that fouled up was salad dressing: 11 Wishbone dressings @ $2 each ($2.45 pre-card "sale" price), $7 in coupons, cost me $15 just as they should have. It was already going to be much more expensive than other items in this deal, costing me $5 + tax after getting the $10 Cat back. But still, at less than 50 cents a bottle I figured I wouldn't buy salad dressing for a year.
But instead of the $10 Cat, I got $5. I know just what happened, too. The Cat I was paying with woudln't scan, and a nice young checker went on break and handed the problem off to the friendliest checker there. The friendly checker had problems making the Cat work too, so she manually discounted $4 twice and then $2.
Problem is, it would appear that she took off the discounts as if she had voided some of the stuff off my order. It appeared on the receipt like this:
So, my total was below $25 and I only got the $5 Cat. But I didn't want to complain and make trouble with the one checker there who is really nice to me. Besides, the manager who hates me was on duty and I knew there was no point in complaining when I hadn't done the deal the way she believes it works, that is, based on card prices not pre-card prices.
The other deals I did today: 7 boxes cereal for $9.50, 50-cent moneymaker after Cat (did better this time cause I was able to use two $1/1 Total printables); 4 cartons Breyers $11 after $1/2 coupon, $1 after Cat.
So all in all, for my $11 investment, I got:
8 cartons Breyer's ice cream
15 boxes cereal
11 salad dressings
7 pasta sauces
Not bad at all. So I am NOT gonna think about how it would have all been $1 if it weren't for those stoopid salad dressings, which we didn't even really need.
Also, I saw tags marking the items in the ConAgra Cat, which officially starts tomorrow. The tags clearly say "spend $25, get $10." Not "spend $20, get $10." I'm doubtful that it will work at $20 but am still willing to try it once. Or maybe I'll call customer service tomorrow and ask them about it.


Helen said...

I don't want to argue the ad. Surely someone has asked by now and they would post signs...all the tags clearly say $25. I posted on my blog how hubby and I went last night to do one more of the old cat and one of the new. Don't forget the Wesson oil! It's scan $2.50, but non-PC $5.50 towards your deal. A great scenario I came up with was 4 oil + 3 Hunt's pudding. Exactly $25 non-PC, $13 scan. $1/3 hunts from that mailer with the free ketchup q, and even if you don't have oil coupon, $2 +tax to roll a $10 cat :) There was an oil q in the April All You, I think. But my store was out of oil.

As we were leaving the store, hubby remarked "Boy, if we had another freezer, we could just keep doing this!" with a twinkle in his eye. Gotta love it!