Monday, June 22, 2009

Jewel to Honor "spend $20, get $10" ConAgra Cat

Helen just alerted me to this post on Mashup Mom. Says that Jewel is now honoring the "spend $20, get $10" deal as advertised in its flyer, and no longer requiring people to spend $25 as advertised in the stores.
I checked the Hot Coupon World Jewel forum and so far no one over there has tried this.
I still haven't returned the $20 worth of pudding and jello I bought (we were going to head over Friday afternoon, but a thunderstorm kept us home). I was going to return it, add a couple more packages and then re-buy, but now I guess I could return it and just re-buy the same purchase.
Earlier today, I bought 7 yogurts and one can of Manwich, for a total of $25.50 before card. I spent $15 and got the $10 Cat.
That's such a great deal that I'm not at all going to sigh that apparently I could have bought only six yogurts and paid $12 to get the Cat. (I'm only going to sigh because the temperature is approaching 90 outside and I am so pregnant I am holed up in the bedroom with the window AC unit with the kids. I do NOT feel like pushing the stroller over to Jewel right now to try this out.)


Helen said...

Hey, I can't imagine you with two kids and ready to pop walking to the store in this weather. *I'm* not even walking to my own Jewel either LOL and I'm basically the opposite of that ;) I may or may not give it a shot n the way home from work tomorrow.

Corissa said...

It worked in Aurora this morning. =)

Sara said...

omg, i am feeling for you in this heat. i was hot when i was preggo i FEBRUARY.