Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Worked! Jewel/ConAgra Catalina at $20

So, last week I bought 11 4-packs of Hunt's pudding and jello for $11.25, and got no Catalina. But today, I returned those 11 packs, walked over and got 11 new ones off the shelf, rang them up for $11.25 ($1 each plus tax), and got the Cat.
Same exact transaction, different result. So yes, Jewel has changed the Catalina machines to honor the $20 threshold as printed in their flyers.
Now I REALLY want to get back over there to do as many transactions as possible in the next day and a half before the deal ends. Also, our Jewel's air conditioning was nice and strong. Right now I have to put the toddler down for a nap, grab a nap myself, and get the kids to swimming lessons, but after that, we are totally stopping at another Jewel for another $20 deal.
Hope I find time to get back to CVS for the rest of my free Soy Joys this week!


crummyd said...

You are awesome! Thanks for trying!

Amanda said...

Awesome hounding, Carrie!

Also: the id word is phallusl. hee hee! yes, i have the sense of humor of a third-grade boy. ;)

crummyd said...

Just tried it and rolled it over twice before deciding enough is enough!

eve said...

Hallelujah! Can never have enough free pudding!

Helen said...

Great job! I did 3 pudding and 5 Alexia chips. Haven't seen anyone buying those :) Had to add bananas and milk to be able to spend my $10 cat

(and Amanada, I expect that from you! heh and mine kinda goes: stexes)