Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Grumpy But Deals Are Coming Soon

I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant today, and I'm actually feeling better so far than I was yesterday; less achey, and the fetus stopped kicking me inside my rib cage for the time being.

So naturally, I'm on to being grumpy about other things, like the fact that I went to Target today and tried the Softsoap Ensembles deal, but I coudln't find the "value packs" and bought two pumps instead. Didn't work, in case you were thinking of trying that. There's apparently a rebate form for this product available at some retailers, so maybe if I score one I can get back the $4 I paid after all the coupons.

Oh well, we were almost out of hand soap.

Now that I think about it, I should have tried the section of Target where they sell bulk-packaged stuff.

On the up side, I got a large watermelon at Target on sale for $2.99, and some hormone-free ground beef on sale for $4 and $5 a pound (the more expensive one was sirloin with lower fat content).

The other thing I'm cranky about is that I got my credit card statement and saw I was billed for a "trial class" at an Oak Park school called the Language and Music School, where I was thinking of signing my toddler up for camp in June. I called and cancelled the trial a few days after making the appointment, at least a week before the class was to happen. The person I spoke to asked if I wanted to reschedule, I said "no thanks." When I saw that I was billed $30 for the cancelled class (I was going to take both my kids, it's $15 a kid), I called and was told they have a policy of no refunds OR rescheduling trial classes. The lady speaking to me, who was very nice and polite, said that she was the one who took my original appointment and she always tells people about the policy.

I very much doubt that. Cheap as I am, I certainly make a note of it when someone tells me something is non-refundable. And I CERTAINLY would not have cancelled the dang class if I'd known I would still be charged. I mean, most places give you a trial class for FREE. And it doesn't say anything about this policy on the school's Web site.

So, I'm processing a chargeback through my credit card. One more thing on my to-do list, harrumph.

Anyway, I'll be back soon with rundowns of the Wednesday grocery flyers. As a preview, let me tell you that there is a new Catalina deal at Jewel this week! And although it's a good deal, I found something to be cranky about there too: It's for a bunch of stuff that I still have tons of from previous Catalina deals. Couldn't some new manufacturers get out there with some Catalinas?

And don't you just love hanging out with women who are 8 months pregnant?


Katie said...

Wait! It just occured to me that you will probably take a hiatas when you have your baby! How long are you going to be "gone" and who do you recommend we follow while you are gone to get the best deals in our area? I'll be back to you as soon as you are ready! I hope you take as long as you can because you will deserve it!
Thanks for this blog - I love it and have been following the one as well.