Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 6/18-6/24 JEWEL-OSCO

Good morning! I just used Freecycle to find good homes for the blood glucose meters I picked up at CVS last week so I am in fine spirits to start the day. Let's hope the weeks' grocery deals only buoy those higher and I'll be able to get through another day of rain, bored kids and aches and pains no problem.
Doritos are bogo @ $3.99
Ball Park Angus hot dogs are bogo @ $5
Jewel milk gallon $2.28
Mt. Olive Pickles (there are hangtags and blinkies running from .55/1 to $1.50/2 out there) bogo @ ?
Perdue ground turkey $2.50/lb.
Dole pineapple $2.99
Athenos hummus $2.50, 7 oz.
Yoplait Yogurt, 32 oz. $2.50
Daisy sour cream, 16 oz. $1.69 (use .60/1 from 5/31 RedPlum)
Minute Maid lemonade or fruit punch, bogo @ $2.49
Davidson's Pasteurized Eggs, dozen, bogo @ $3.79 (use two $1/1 hangtags or from 4/26 RedPlum
Pepperidge Goldfish bogo @ $2.19
Snickers or M&Ms ice cream bars bogo @ $4.99 (use two $1/1 from 6/7 RedPlum)
asparagus $1.99/lb.
organic peaches, nectarines or plums, 2 lb. bag $3.99
THE NEW CON-AGRA CATALINA is better than I expected -- instead of "spend $25, get $10," it's "spend $20, get $10." BUT folks on Hot Coupon World are saying that the store signs all say "$25," so they're thinking it's a misprint and won't work. It also goes through 6/28, not 6/24 as I had read.
There are only a few products shown in the flyer, but many more listed on Hot Coupon World. For instance, the ad shows the Marie Callender's Pot Pies and Pasta Al Dante meals, but not the dinners, which should also work according to the list. All are on sale for $2.50 each, regular price $4. And the online list includes Dannon products, although I don't see any on sale that are on the list.
Some $20 transaction ideas, which I'll test tomorrow if possible and report back:

5 Marie Callender dinners, pot pies or pasta shelf price $20, card price $12.50. Pay $2.50 for all after Cat (sweeten this to FREE by using $1/1 Al Denta Qs from June 26 All You or 5/17 SmartSource OR .75/1 printable.)

6 cans Reddi Wip shelf price $19.50, card price $15

1 Hunts Snack Pack pudding $1

Pay $16, get $10 Cat for $6 cost. Use $1/1 from April and May All You. Or wait until this weekend when Reddi Wip coupons are supposed to come out.

Coupon match-ups from Hot Coupon World.


Helen said...

Please share right away! I'll be watching HCW like a hawk, too. I want to try those Pasta AlDentes and hope I get there before they run out, especially if it's only $20!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY on the glucose meter donations, from your anonymous diabetic reader!

crummyd said...

FYI, the catalina at my express checkout yesterday turned out not to be turned on. I went to Customer Service to ask if I should return the items to re-purchase. He went in the back and brought me out the coupon!

Carrie said...

Helen -- Will post on this in a minute.
Anon -- Thanks. The person who picked up the first one was psyched about the new extra features of this new model so that felt good.
Crummyd -- That's good advice. There are all kinds of reason the Cat won't print: machine off, machine broken, out of paper, gremlins. Unfortunately, if you are doing the deals the "cheap" way, spending $25 only BEFORE card price, it's hard to argue it at the service desk at many Jewels.