Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grocery Deals -- 6/11-6/17 JEWEL/SHAW'S

First the regular deals, then I'll address that new Catalina and any other special offers:
6-count apple fritters $1.99 (OK, can you tell I'm pregnant? First thing that caught my eye.)
Oscar Meyer Beef franks bogo @ $4.99 (if you got your coupon for a free pack, you should be able to use it and get both free!)
buy Dole pineapple for $3, get 1 lb. bananas free (meh. a pound of bananas is only worth 30 cents or so to me, and if you see a Del Monte pineapple on sale you can use this coupon.)
asparagus $2.49/lb. (it's $1.99 at Dominick's)
Athenos Hummus, 14 oz., bogo @ $5.29
Crystal Farms 8 oz. cheese chunks bogo @ $3.79
Phil's cage-free eggs $2.50/dozen
Thomas' English Muffins 50% off ? (includes Hearty Grains)
Natural Harvest bread $2
Post Cereal including Post Select (around 14 oz.) $2.50 (I got some of this super cheap on an instant-discount offer and LOVED it)
organic blackberries, raspberries or blueberries $3.50/6 oz.
Wild Harvest organic celery hearts $1.99/lb.
organic Santa Cruz lemonade (32 oz.) bogo @ $3.69
THE CATALINA: Buy $25 or more worth of Coca-Cola, General Mills, Unilver products, get a $10 coupon for your next order. Spend $15, get a $5 coupon; spend $10, get a $2 coupon.
I like this new set-up because if you mess up your deal and fall short a buck or two of $25, at least you'll get a $5 Cat instead of nothing.
They show a bunch of products in the flyer, like Breyer's Ice Cream and Klondike bars at $3; Wishbone salad dressing and 8-12 oz. boxes of Golden Grahams, Total and Cheerios for $2; and Yoplait Kids yogurt and Fruit Roll-Ups for $2.50. But there are tons more products included, according to the list on Hot Coupon World.
The folks on there have all kinds of ideas for deals where you spend around $10 and get a $10 Cat back. I especially like the suggestion of getting 7 packs of Bertolli premium pasta sauce, using seven $1/1 from the 4/5 Unilever insert, and paying just $7.32 for the $10 Cat. I'd have to buy some coupons to pull that off though!
There are coupons for products in the offer on right now, like Nature Valley Bars, Fiber One bars, Go-Gurt, Suddenly Salad, Chex Mix bars, Fruit Roll-Ups, fruit snacks, Yoplait Kids, Yoplait Trix and GM cereals.
As far as other special deals at Jewel this week, they still have the "spend $25 on P&G products, get a $7 Cat" deal going, as well as the "Fav 4 Mix or Match" deal for $19.99.
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.