Sunday, June 7, 2009

CVS Plan 6/7-6/13 Best Week in Ages! - UPDATED Pampers Didn't Work for Me

The best CVS deal this week is NOT in the flyer: Pampers Jumbo Pack for $3.99 after Extra Bucks! Money Saving Mom published this link from the CVS Web site that says you get 5ECBs back on an $8.99 jumbo pack. It doesn't say a limit, but the regular CVS flyer says the limit on $8.99 Pampers is 3.
The link says it's an in-store coupon, but there's no bar code on it so I'm not clear on whether you really need to print that and bring it in. Anyway, it says it runs 6/7 to 6/13, just like the rest of the deals.
UPDATE: I BOUGHT a Jumbo Pampers pack today, marked down to $8.99, and got no ECBs. I had left the printed ad in the car so I didn't ask them to make the ECBs print. I will call customer service tomorrow and see what they say.
Another great deal this week is the opportunity to make money with no cash investment by buying the Contour blood glucose monitor using the $30/1 coupon from the 3/22 SmartSource OR THE 2/1 REDPLUM. The price is $14.99, so it'll be free after the coupon and you'll get 5ECBs back. Limit 1.
UPDATED: I tried this today and it worked no problem.
Then there is the return of the regular "pretty good" deals, like "spend $20, get 10ECBs" on Dove products and "spend $15, get 5ECBs" on candy. Today's flyers have Dove coupons and $1/2 M&Ms coupons that would helpful for those deals. There are even a couple good non-ECB deals, like bogo Kellogg's cereal and bars (with the $1/1 coupons in today's flyer or printables, you can get them for 80 cents a box) and $1 Pecan Sandies with coupon.
My CVS Plan for the week:
1) Buy Contour meter, get 5ECBs
2) Buy 3 packs Pampers for $27, use three $1/1 Qs (there is one in today's P&G flyer), pay $24 and (hopefully) get 15ECBs back, for a final cost of $3 per pack!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie - wondering/hoping that you also donate any glucose meters that you make $$ on? It would be a shame to have it go into the trash. There are a lot of needy diabetics out there. :)

Carrie said...

Hi Anon--

Oh yes, I have yet to throw anything I've ever gotten at CVS that I can think of. In the past I have donated them to general charities, like when the Girl Scouts come around and collect food and toiletries.

However, if you or anyone else out there know of any more specific Chicago-area charities, I would love to be able to direct them to one.

Amanda said...

The Pampers deal worked for me--the cashiers had to do it manually though. Thankfully they knew about the malfunction and ran the EBs without me even asking. What a great deal!

Rebecca said...

hmmmm, when you click the link, it only says that the pampers are on sale for 8.99, it doesn't say anything about an ecb offer. bummer!