Sunday, June 14, 2009

CVS Candy Deal Still Rolling

Last night, after a wonderful and rare night out with my original nuclear family (mom, dad, my kid brother and me), I walked past my neighborhood CVS, locked up for the night.
Only then did it hit me that it was SATURDAY night, and I'd missed the deadline to finish the week's deals. Earlier this week, my mom was visiting and needed to buy some chocolate, so I gave her some coupons and instructions and sent her to do the "spend $15, get 5ECBs" deal.
She ended up not getting the ECBs, because she'd only spent $14 on the right stuff and $1 or so on candy bars that weren't included in the deal. I promised to finish it off for her and get the 5ECBs.
So anyway, this morning I was happy to see that the chocolate deal was continued. But with CVS, sometimes continued deals take last week's spending and add on, while sometimes they start fresh on Sunday.
This evening I stopped into CVS and bought two chocolate bars (with a bogo coupon), and get the 5ECBs.
Yay! I couldn't BELIEVE I dropped the ball and left those 5ECBs on the table, and now I'm glad I got 'em.