Thursday, June 18, 2009

ConAgra Catalina: $20 Deal Didn't Work

This morning Pebbles and I stopped at Jewel and purchased 11 Hunt's pudding and jello packs for $11.25, or $21.15 before preferred card. No Catalina printed.
I would take this to mean that the $20 in the flyer was just a misprint and won't be honored. The products had tags on them saying "spend $25, get $10." Normally I would call the store and get all mad about this, but with these deals where there's confusion about whether the threhold is the preferred price or shelf price, it just seems too hard to get any credit. And the customer service people always call the store managers, which would just create more problems for me when I shop.
I'm planning to just return the stuff and do the deals with a $25 threshold like the tags say.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

I did the ice cream deal FOUR times last night, without a hitch! Got 8 gallons of Breyers and 12 packages (6 ct ea) of Klondike bars for $20 OOP total, plus I still have a $10 cat from my last transaction to spend on the new deal starting today. I didn't have ANY coupons for the ice cream (that really hurt to shop without), so could've been less. Also, had I bought mostly ice cream (shelf price $6.79), I'd have spent less OOP but come on...Klondike bars!!!! :) Thankfully, I followed someone's advice and first scanned the ice cream to get the shelf price total and at the end swipe my preferred card. GLAD I DID! Everyone was saying Klondike was $5.50 each. At my Jewel, the price read $4.79 each but RANG UP AT $4.50 shelf price! So, everyone said buy 5 Klondikes for $27.50, but I ended up getting 6 Klondikes for $27!!! Woot woot! Did that twice!

Becca said...

I have a question for you, and I am totally not meaning to ask it in a snarky way, I really am curious. Don't you find that it's a hassle to keep returning and/or re-doing transactions? Is the amount of savings really worth your time and effort? It just seems that you post pretty often that something didn't work, or you had to call the manager over, etc. I would find that I the hassle just wouldn't be worth it to me. : )

Laura said...

Becca-- I did 4 separate transactions last night in a row through self checkout. Literally, it took me maybe 10 mins to checkout for all 4 transactions. For my 10 minutes of time, I waltzed away with 8 gallons of ice cream, 72 Klondike bars and a big ol' grin since it cost me practically nothing. I'll pass out a lot of these to my daughter's softball team as an after game treat (if I don't forget). But, sometimes it is a pain in the you know what (tho usually worth the effort!). :)

Carrie said...

Hi Becca,

I definitely do returns less than I used to, because it is often too difficult with Catalinas to get the store managers to cough them up. Nowadays I kind of take into account that if I do a Catalina transaction 10 times, it will fail once or twice and I'll still get a huge amount of stuff for a small amount of money.
The other way I try to minimize the need to do returns is to do less risky deals. Like, on the advice of someone or other, I'll usually do all 1 or 2 products in a transaction so I know what it was that didn't work, if anything.
Then again, if I want to find out information, or if I know I am in the right, I will ask to speak to a manager and I do find it worth the time. For one thing, I am often trying to find things out so I can share them here.
That's why I did the "risky" pudding deal this morning -- to find out so the rest of you would know. If it were just for me, I would have just stuck to $25 transactions.

eve said...

Thanks, Carrie! I appreciate your work on the front lines. I would never have tried these deals if it weren't for you. And now I'm hooked.

Polara said...

At the Gurnee Jewel on Grand Ave, I saw I printed sign (by the service desk) saying that the amount for the ConAgra catalina was $25, and they apologized for the inconvenience.