Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Price I've Ever Seen on Britax Car Seats

There's nothing like a car seat to put a price tag on your love for your child. Like, do you love your baby as much as a used car seat that might have been in an accident without your knowledge? As much as a cheap model? Or as much as a high-end model like a Britax or I-forget-what-those-other-really-expensive-ones-are-called?
Naturally, I've been suckered into having the Britax, even though the routinely cost as much as $300 (although I have picked up an extra one used and since the parent assured me it had never been in an accident, I feel fine about that). I bought that seat because it had the highest safety rating on Consumer Reports, and I will say that after five years I've pretty happy with its ease of use. The only thing not to like is that it is on the bulky and heavy end which is a pain in airports and when -- as we will be in a year -- you're trying to fit two Britax car seats and a booster in the back seat of a regular, non-minivan car.
But you can love your kid as much as I do without paying as much as I did for that first Roundabout. Through Saturday, you can get a $50 discount on any $150 Britax order
at Amazon. They even have one Roundabout on sale for $159.99, making it $109.99 after the discount. I've never heard of a Britax for around $100!