Monday, June 15, 2009

Bertolli at Jewel Catalina: Made $2.25!!

I thought I had six coupons for Bertolli pasta sauce, which was already going to allow me to make money buying it through this week's Catalina deal at Jewel, where I already made money getting ice cream. But then I came across a $1/1 blinkie for Bertolli in my coupon file! I have no idea when or where I picked that up, but just let it be known that they were out there at some point so look through your coupons.
With these 7 coupons, my transaction was awesome:
4 packets premium Bertolli register price $3.95 x 4 = $14.00, sale price $2 x 4= $8
3 bottles regular Bertolli register price 3.95 x 3 = 11.85, sale price $2 x 3 = 6
register price = 25.85, sale price = 14.00
- 4.00 (4 x $1/1 MQs)
2.25 (3 x .75/1 MQs)
7.75, received $10 Cat
Wish I had even more of those Qs! I would fill up my basement pantry with pasta sauce. Will be such a nice easy meal for me to heat up in these last tiring weeks of pregnancy. I now need a good deal on pasta and frozen meatballs to go with it and I'm set.
Next, I think I'll stock up on some FREE cereal. Believe it or not, we may be low on Cheerios, and my daughter has been asking for Golden Grahams. Here's the plan:

Buy 7 boxes cereal, shelf price $3.99 x 7 = $27.93, sale price $2 x 7 = $14
- 2 (2 x $1/1 Total printable)
1 ($1/2 Cheerios 6/13 SS)
1 ($1/3 GG 5/31 SS)
$10, get $10 Cat= FREE!


Queen said...

wow i wish i had been paying attention. i missed out on a really good cat deal!! too late to get Q's now.