Tuesday, June 16, 2009

$4 in Coupons Inside One Pampers Jumbo Pack

I recently got an email promising coupons inside Pampers packages. Then today, my husband got to the bottom of that Jumbo pack of Pampers we bought 2 weeks ago at CVS for $3.99 after ECBs. He does not usually get excited about coupons, but even he had to shout when he found TWO $2/1 coupons inside the package.
The package has no special markings promising coupons, but you might be able to feel through the plastic for stiff paperboard coupons if you are looking for them.
Once you deduct $4 in coupons, it's kinda like those Pampers I got at CVS were free! Now I really wish I'd snapped up more before they pulled the plug on the deal.