Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You've Heard About the Free KFC Meal, Right?

I guess I am jaded about freebies because just one piece of chicken per person, when it was offered last week, was not enough to get me to pull into the parking lot, unstrap my kids and go inside, even though we live very close to a KFC. It was raining, the kids didn't want to go, enough said.
(I KNOW. These kids need to experience a little hunger so they don't go turning up their noses at free food, huh? Then again, what food ISN'T free to the average American 5-year-old?)
But now there's a KFC coupon for a whole free meal, including those mouth-watering biscuits and two sides.
And guess who can't print it out? Because she's at a luxury resort at the Wisconsin Dells at the expense of her wonderful grandparents?
Boohoo for me, right? But good for you. Go forth and print!


Michele said...

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Thanks so much! :)