Monday, May 11, 2009

We'll Be Heading to Target This Week

Last night Nutmeg spent the whole night in her own bed for the first time. I know -- she's FIVE, and to some families that would seem ridiculous. But our policy has always been that as long as she goes to sleep in her own bed, she can join us later once we're asleep in bed.
Still, we offered her a little reward to incent her to try staying in her own room: a set of sheets with butterflies on them. It's a pretty practical reward since we were recently given a full-sized bed for the girls room and we only own one set of sheets for it.
So I'm pretty happy to open the Target flyer and see that the bedding we've had our eye on has gone on sale. I knew it would if I watched it long enough.
If you, too, are planning a Target run this week, you might also consider the $5 gift card offer from Sunday's flyer. To get it, buy two of the following: Super Mega Pack Pampers ($17.99), big-ass laundry detergent ($14.99), Swiffer starter kit ($8.99), Gillette Fusion or Venus Breeze razor ($7.99), Charmin Basic 24 rolls ($10), Bounty towels 16 big rolls ($14).
According to Baby Cheapskate's diaper chart, there are 82 Pampers in a Super Mega pack of Size 1 Swaddlers, which means the $17.99 price is 22 cents per diaper, well above the 17-cent "price to beat" listed on that site. When you buy 2 packs and get the $5 off, that goes down to 19 cents per diaper. Subtract two $1.50/1 Qs (I got these in a home mailer), and you're finally down to $28, the 17-cent price to beat. Did you get a Target mailer with a $3/2 store coupon for Pampers (which can be used along with manufacturer's coupons)? Then you should DEFINITELY do the deal cause you'd be down to 15 cents a dipe.
The best deal in this offer has got to be the razor, though -- if you get two Venus and use two $2/1 from the 5/3 P&G insert, you pay $12 and get the $5 gift card, so you get two high-end razors for $3.50 each. If you don't have a CVS and you want a nice razor, that's a deal.


Laura said...

My girls would crawl into our bed too. Don't sweat it! My kids turned out just fine (regardless of popular opinion on the subject). :)