Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Up to $50 Back on Liquor and Wine in Today's Trib

Still have today's Chicago Tribune? You know you subscribe for the Wednesday grocery flyers.
If so, there is a rebate form on p. 15 for various liquors in the Smirnoff/Cpt. Morgan/Tanqueray family, plus some crappy wines that they also own. Buy 6 bottles, get $25 back.
If you don't have the paper, these same offers have been known to appear on hangtags on the bottles. I will keep an eye out, and you let me know if you see any too, kay?
It'll sweeten the deal if you use the $5/2 Qs from the 5/17 RedPlum.


Jen Caputo said...

hm... i get wed/fri/sunday tribs... might need to run out and get todays' for this deal. I was too excited about those $5/2 coupons in this past insert!