Thursday, May 14, 2009

SWEET Dominick's Coupons in the Mail -- UPDATED

UPDATE: I went to Dominick's today to check out the cereal and large item deals and the news is not that great. Although there are plenty of cereals tagged for the "buy 5 save $5" deal, Corn Flakes was the ONLY one that came down to $1. All the other Kellogg's I saw came down to $2; there were some Post and GM varieties at $1.50. Also, the Kellogg's printables beep -- I assume this is because they are for specific cereal varieties but I was trying to use them all for Corn Flakes. Luckily for me, the cashier decided to push them through anyway. Also lucky -- with the tokens off five boxes, I can send away for a free copy of "Benny & Joon." There were seven other movies to choose from but they were all blech.
As far as the large items, the only disappointment for me was that Arm & Hammer detergent is not included and there were no fragrance-free varieties.
Just as I was sinking into the malaise that always hits me when we pull up to the front of our house (the site of a lawn and dandelions gone wild after 3 weeks of heavy rain will do that), I got to my mailbox and got an unexpected smile today. No, it wasn't some sappy Hallmark card.
It was a Dominick's mailer full of surprisingly good coupons that might yield some mighty bargains when I go there later today. We're talking $8/$80 on a full order, $5/$15 Rancher's Reserve beef (which will get me 4 lbs. of sirloin for $10, or whatever's in the clearance bin).
Then there are several that would work with the "buy 3 or more, get them for $4.99" promo on large cleaning products and paper goods: $2/$10 on laundry detergent, $1/$5 on cleaners, $2/$10 on toilet paper and another for paper towels. These all say "Dominick's store coupon," so I should be able to pair them with any of the following manufacturer's coupons: $1/1 Bounty from 5/3 P&G flyer; $1/2 Charmin from same; $1/1 Quilted Northern from 4/26 RedPlum. I will be checking today to see if Arm & Hammer detergent might be included, cause I have an MQ for that and I like it.
Then there are some that combine with manufacturer's Qs for freebies or almost freebies: $2 off Special K Protein bars (they are around $3, use with $1/2 from 4/5 RedPlum to get two boxes for $1.50 each) and $3 off one 8-count Pop-Tarts (combine w/ $1/2 from same). (Currently the 8-count Pop-Tarts are less than $3 and in fact the larger boxes are $2.99.) The Pop-Tart boxes at my store said they had $10 iTunes codes inside.
The mailer also mentions that I can get more offers by signing up for emails at Yes, sir!
Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World.


Helen said...

WOW! I never get coupons in the mail from them, and I live literally two blocks from one. My mom and aunt sometimes get dupes so the share. usually a giant postcard with a $x/$xx, $x on meat and a whole list of frees and $1 store coupons, which helped me in the Living Well promo. Plus I always have a GC from a script