Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Flyers 5/3 -- LOTS of P&G Deals

Woke up this morning to surprises both pleasant and un-. Pleasant surprises = good stuff in my Chicago Tribune Sunday flyers -- Procter & Gamble promos all over the place, store coupons at Jewel and lots of places to use those $1/1 Kellogg's Qs for cheap cereal. Unpleasant = feel like I have been kicked in the ribs all night, and I have -- from the inside. Doesn't hurt only if I sit absolutely still on couch (which does not exactly gel with my Sunday agenda nor with the 2-year-old's).
But let's not whine. Let's talk about the great deals in today's flyers:

  • The monthly Procter & Gamble coupon insert, which will sweeten the other P&G deals advertised today. Of special interest should be the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser bogo and Mr. Clean cleaners bogo Qs.
  • Jewel is running a Procter & Gamble Catalina -- spend $20, get $5 coupon for your next order. Now, it's less clear than usual whether this deal will work based on card prices or pre-card prices. Most of the P&G items are Osco items, and when Osco items are in a Catalina deal, they work on sale prices. However, I did a Catalina deal there recently where I bought paper towels and tissues, and they DID work on pre-sale prices. DEAL IDEA: The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (and bottles of cleaner) are advertised at $2.99, so if you have access to multiple coupon inserts, you could buy six of those for $17.94 and one bottle of Dawn for $2.49, for a total of $20.43. Then use three Mr. Clean bogo Qs (or cleaner bogo Qs) and pay $11.97, get the $5 coupon, for a total expenditure of just under $7, or $1.17 per Magic Eraser/bottle of cleaner.
  • Jewel also put store coupons in its flyer today, for the first time I've seen. One of them is for the small size box of Kellogg's cereal for $1.49, which would be 49 cents if you add one of the $1/1 Kellogg's printables. Limit 1 with a $10 transaction.
  • Jewel ALSO has a Sunday and Monday only sale that includes whole pineapples for $1.99 and six-packs of 7-Up products for $1.97.
  • KMart super doubles, up to 75 cents. My flyer is advertising this with NO DATES. Is this going to be indefinite?? The flyer has some very clear rules written in it too, including the fact that bogo coupons will not be doubled.
  • Super Doubles will combine nicely with a P&G promo at KMart, running 5/3-5/9, spend $35, get $10. For instance, from today's insert, the 50-cent Crest Q, the 50-cent Tampax Q, .25 off Charmin, etc., etc., will double.
  • Target's offering a $5 gift card ifyou buy 4 boxes Fiber One bars, cereal or muffin mix at $2.39 each. This would make them 92 cents each after the GC.
  • Dominick's has a bunch of Super Coupons, but nothing that looks too exciting. Also, they say their "spend $30, get $10" deal ends 5/6. (By the way I made a half-hearted effort at this one, but nothing was marked in my store and I just coudln't search through the 48-page list.)
  • CVS has another $25 GC coupon for transferred prescription this week.
  • Dean's milk is on sale at CVS for $1.99.
  • See all CVS deals and Walgreen's deals.

All the ways to use your $1/1 Kellogg's printables this week:

  • Kmart is offering "select" Kellogg's cereals, 12-18 oz., for $2.75 each, making them $1.75 after the printable. (It also says "save up to $17 on Kellogg's, see store for details.) It doesn't say, but at my store they have NOT doubled printables.
  • The Jewel store coupon mentioned above which would make it 49 cents for one box after the Q. That's the 8-9 oz. size.
  • Ultra Foods is advertising Kellogg's 12-16.5 oz. for $1.78, limit 5. So they'd be 78 cents each after the Q.
  • CVS has "buy 3 Kellogg's cereals (12-18 oz.) for $10, get 5ECBs," which after the Qs and ECBs would make them 67 cents each.

Non-grocery deals:

  • BabiesRUs/ToysRUs flyer has 2 coupons: $4/2 Earth Best or 7th Generation diapers; 25% off all suncare.
  • Office Depot flyer has $15/$25 coupon, but you have to bring an Office Depot catalog or MaxPerks card.
  • There's a Bed Bath and Beyond postcard for 20% off one item. Now that it's wedding season these coupons start to be pretty handy for gifts.
  • As always, JoAnn fabric and Michael's each have 40% off one item Qs.
  • Party City has a $15/$50 Q. Where was this when I needed it before Nutmeg's party?


lisa said...

my cvs ad doesn't have the transferred prescription deal. wonder if there's a link to a print out for that somewhere?

Carrie said...


I don't know of any printables at this time but you should be able to get some if you stop into a store. It was a wrap-around, same as last week.