Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shopping May 13-19 - Rocked That Jewel $5/$50

I had to take this pic from a funny angle because a spot of overly bright sun was streaming onto the table, and I couldn't close the curtains because Epu is in the middle of constructing Austrian blinds for our front window. Yep, my husband sews, and nope, you can't have him. Get your own sewing video game designer hottie.
At any rate, I was quite proud of my Jewel transaction Sunday using the $5/$50 from the checkout at Jewel. I paid $35 after coupons. Highlights were the 4-pack of Activia for 50 cents (using a $1.50/1 Catalina Q), the cereal for 50 cents a box after coupon and instant savings, and the two boxes graham crackers and bag of marshmallows for $2.40 after coupons and instant savings. Also cream cheese for 50 cents each after store coupon and manufacturer's coupon.
I had spent an additional $10 at Jewel earlier this week on asparagus, Mountain High yogurt, 17-cent salad dressing, and whatnot. I had to spend some expiring Cats. And I also got all this for $6 at Dominick's:

The cereal was free, of course, but the highlight of that trip was finding a $2 off anything Cat on the floor on my way in. Score!
My method of bargain shopping was pretty much summed up this week: I worked all the promos I could to feed my stockpile and get basics for very little. Then I went to Trader Joe's and got the good stuff: organic peanut butter, 2 lbs. of organic strawberries (for $5.99), organic potatoes, bananas, wild-caught salmon, etc etc.
That trip today cost me $52, which means I spent $103, $25 over budget. Fortunately, I had $30 left over from the last time I shopped two weeks ago. (I didn't allocate a shopping budget for the week we were on vacation.)
I also got two gallons of milk and some Dole fruit cups and Fig Newtons at CVS with ExtraBucks.
What we ate on that:
Wednesday: defrosted beans and rice
Thursday: spaghetti with turkey meatballs and carrots in the sauce
Friday: takeout pizza for dinner
Saturday: lunch out, turkey and bean chili over couscous for dinner
Sunday: yogurt for breakfast, berries for snack, turkey Manwich and asparagus salad for dinner
Monday: fruit and yogurt for breakfast, hot dogs and salad for lunch, Fig Newtons for snack, dinner out
Tuesday: cereal with fruit cups for breakfast, TJ's sushi and salad with tuna for lunch, Pop-Tarts and granola bar for snacks, frozen pot pie and salad for the kids, leftover chili for Epu and me