Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shopping April 29-May 5

I only made one shopping trip this week, to Dominick's. I used a $5 off $50 store coupon I got in the mail, and no other coupons. I spent $48. $30 under budget!
I thought of trying the "spend $30, get $10" promo, but none of the participating items were marked in the store and I didn't print out the 48-page list, so that was pretty much impossible.
The best deals were the milk at $1.99, the ground turkey which was bogo at $3-something.
Nutmeg was especially thrilled that we got the Batter Blaster (that tall yellow can), which is basically pancake/waffle batter that you spray onto the griddle. It was on sale for $4 and since we are on vacation this week I thought it would make a nice travel breakfast. Normally I wouldn't buy it even if it was cheap, because think of the waste -- that whole can just for one batch of pancakes.
Oh, and those colorful things hanging above the middle of the table? Those are the butterflies Epu cut out of posterboard for Nutmeg's 5th birthday party last week. Who knows how long we'll have those things up.