Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Safeway/Dominick's Coupon Policy

I actually just followed a link in my own Google ad to Dominick's coupon page, and found this document. Has it always been there? It says as of September 2008.
If your store gives you any flack about accepting internet printables, you should print this document and bring it in, because it says they DO accept printables. However, they also said they won't accept printable coupons for more than half the value of the item, or for free products without purchase. Wha??
This must be what my local Dominick's employees mean when they say they can't accept "real big ones." But we all know that savvy shoppers who match coupons with sales DO get more than 50% and sometimes 100% off the purchase price. So far I've been lucky and my local employees have let such coupons go through. I'm thinking the language in here just helps them justify turning down any coupons that seem fishy, and of course mine are never fishy!