Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oak Park: Great Harvest Bread Co. Going Out of Biz

I know a lot of people will lament this bakery/sandwich shop franchise closing in Oak Park. To tell the truth, it was never my favorite place because of the high prices, slow service, and lack of seating. But we did stop in yesterday for one last taste.
I noticed that all their retail goodies are on clearance -- Saturday May 16 is the last day open! Now, these aren't Costco-level bargains, but you could build a really inexpensive gift basket out of the goodies they have on sale. And they are even selling cute little galvanized tins which would make good gift baskets. Here's what I got:

Tin = $2, honey = $3, bruschetta dip = $3. I don't really need a gift basket that I can think of right now, but if I had, I would have added a hot cocoa tin that was around $3 and maybe some jam and been done with it for around $15.

By the way, the background there? Those are our new spring/summer placemats from Target, on sale at $1.99.


Marketing Mommy said...

The exciting news is that RED HEN is going to replace Great Harvest and their bread is 1000% better!

kafein said...

That is great news. Best scones ever!