Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Maternity Fashion Show

I know you've been waiting with bated breath* to see the maternity clothes I bought on my San Francisco trip for cheap. So here they are.
First, my FAVORITE item, a loose-fitting jersey dress. I actually wore this today as I headed out on vacation. It was something like $18 at a children's consignment shop in Bernal Heights. I thought this was a lot since it had belt loops but no belt, but now that I see what Olian maternity dresses cost new, I get it.

Got this slip dress at the flagship Old Navy, $15. I definitely need some leggings to go with it to cover my hideous knees, which are about 50 times as pregnant as the rest of me. The dress is size XL, not maternity.

These khakis are the only maternity pants I've found that comfortably fit under my belly without feeling like they're going to fall down. They're Gap, and they were less than $10 at that consignment shop. Toddler not included.

This outfit was $11 total, and it's what I wore when I went on TV to talk about bargain hunting. The top is Gap, and was $5.50, and the skirt is some brand I can't remember but sounded fancy.

Top view of same.

Finally, I got a plain purple jersey dress from Old Navy which was also on sale for $15. I didn't get a picture of myself wearing it but I was filmed for a TV news segment wearing it, and I'll link to that when it goes online, hopefully Friday.
The above are the only maternity clothes I have this time around that I love. But I have a TON of items that are passable from that Oak Park consignment sale I went to a couple months ago, so these special things just serve to liven things up for me.

* Ever read somebody who claims to have "baited breath"? That always has me imagining sardine-scented breath. Not nice.


Sara said...

cute finds!!