Monday, May 4, 2009

MIA? It's 50/50

So, tomorrow I'm putting my kids in the car and driving for four hours, probably punctuated by at least four potty breaks. For me.
When we get there, we'll be at a resort at the Wisconsin Dells with a big water park and a spa that gives pregnancy massages. It's my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and they're treating us to a few days of vacation. Yes, they're awesome. Then we're going to my parents' cabin for a few more days.
So, I'm hoping I'll have Internet access while we're at the resort (we won't at the cabin), so I can fill you in on all the deals and such. But if this place starts echoing with a deafening silence, you'll know it's not because I don't care.
I care, people! Sometimes -- sniff -- a little too much.
Speaking of how much I care, commenters from the Adidas deodorant post will be gratified to hear that what with packing food and three people for a weeklong trip, I did not get a chance to hit any other local CVSes in search of more clearanced deodorants. So even though I shop for three households using three cards, I didn't hog the entire Western Chicago Suburbs' clearanced deodorant resources.


ThriftyPuppy said...

I had to laugh at your "hog" comment - my DBF refers to my couponing as "hogging" rather than "hounding". Oink!

Have a great vacation...